Sept 15-21: Spinning and Walking


Mon 9/15:
2mile Bootycall walk
1hr spinning + strength circuit:
3 rounds
20 pushups
20 Plié squats (added 5 squats at every round)
90 sec plank

First time doing the 1 hour spinning class. Different instructor and different style. Great music and still a great sweat session. I didn’t feel it until later in the day when my legs started to feel like jello at home :-/ I did grocery shopping today and prepped salads for the next couple days for Ben and me. Spent time visualizing a tighter and toned body.

Tues 9/16:
2mile bootycall walk
45min spinning – this shorter class is tougher than the longer one. I always walk out a sweaty mess.

Wed 9/17:
2mile Bootycall walk
1hr spinning class + strength circuit:
3 rounds:
20 push-ups
30 Squat w/ kick
90 sec plank
Saw the orthopedic doctor and got referred for physical therapy for my ankle. Found out I can’t run or play volleyball :-( I was lucky to get my therapy started the same day. 2x a week for 4 weeks takes me out of my next two races. Even if I was cleared to run before my Nov race, I wouldn’t be ready to tackle 13 miles. I was pretty depressed about it. We cancelled our travel plans we set up for the November Vegas race. I know that there are other ways for me to get my cardio in besides my running. But it just feels like a part of me is missing. I feel lost. I’m doing spinning as my main source of cardio because it challenges me. I realized just how much running has become a part of who I am. I know I will be get back to it but I miss it a lot. I’m forcing myself to be patient and allow my body the time it needs to heal properly so I don’t keep injuring myself. Apparently I have loose ligaments to begin with that make me prone to sprains :-/
I went to bed early – by 10p. I was worn out from the therapy session which aggravated may ankle so it was sore again.


Thurs 9/18: Day1 7DSD
I didn’t start off that great. I either slept through my alarm or it never went off. I got up and it was already time to get the kids up so no time for my usual bootycall.
Still hit the gym for my 45min spin class. It was tough. Afterwards, I came home for a snack and went back with Ben for his workout.
30 min elliptical intervals – 3.44 miles
Incline chest press: 10×3 -20lbs
Shoulder Press 10×3 -30lbs
High Row 10×3-30lbs w/ 15 squats in between each set
Front pull down- 30lbs
Leg press: 10×3 -180lbs
Mostly testing how much I was still able to do since its been a while since I’ve been lifting. The 180 felt super heavy. I was testing how my ankle felt and it didn’t bother me so I’ll be back to working my legs n the weight room :-)
Took a nap after lunch because I was super tired and still bummed.
PM workout:
50 Kettlebell swings
50kettlebell swings
M1: Bombshell shot, egg whites, banana
M2: grapefruit
M3: salad
M4: slim down shake
M5: tilapia w/ broccoli, Brussel sprouts,cauliflower
M6: handful of frozen grapes
Water 75 oz
Not happy with my water intake. I was aiming for 90-100 :-(

Fri 9/19 7DSD Day2
2mile bootycall walk – looks like I kept getting slower as the week went on.
1hr spinning class + strength training:
3 rounds:
20 push-ups (modified)
20 Hip abductions each legs
2min plank, 90sec, 2min plank

Did not push as hard in spin. Forgot my ankle brace so I was hesitant to put too much resistance. The planks were hard today.

Ab circuit:
3 rounds –
30 plank leg lifts
15 downward dog tucks each side
15 side plank dips each side
15 v sits
30 bicycle crunches
15 Bent leg heel taps
15 supermans

Disappointed in myself today :-( I didn’t do the workouts I was suppose to do. Got carried away trying to fix something on my laptop. It was something that I could have set aside for another time so that I would have time for my workout, but I didn’t. I was sooo frustrated that I forced myself to do an ab circuit even though it was already late. At this point, I just want to give up and say F@&! It!

Meals were ok but fell short of my water goal again :-(
M1: banana, bombshell shot, egg whites
M2: tropical fruit from trader joes – went to pick up grapefruit but didn’t see any so I just picked up a small fruit tray with pineapple, mango, and papaya. So good. Also had a few raw cashews.
M3: Salmon Salad boats: Salmon mixed with roasted red pepper hummus, a small amount of plain Greek yogurt, dill relish, olives, salt, and pepper. Put it on top of romain hearts and topped with cucumber, carrots, and cherry tomatoes.
M4: slim down snootke
M5: sliced roasted turkey breast from Costco with green beans and broccoli sautéed in coconut oil and season with sea salty, black pepper, garelic and onion
M6: frozen grapes


Sat 9/20 7DSD Day3: Slightly better day. Still having issues with my computer that I can’t seem to figure out but unlike Friday, I didn’t allow it to control my day. I was hoping Ben would be up early enough to come to the gym with me, but he slept in and I decided that I didn’t want to wait for him. So I took Seppe with me (Gio wanted to stay home hoping Ben would wake up while I was gone and take him to break in his new bat) dropped him off and started my day with a cardio session on the bike.

35min Bike Session: Meant to do a spin class but I didn’t get there in time for it. So I modified the Insane Cardio routine. I did 3min, 2min, and 1min for 5 rounds. I didn’t do the second part of it because I still can’t do any plyometrics with my ankle.

WOD: created by my brother Ed who is working on becoming a cross fit coach :-)

Warmup EMOM – 10min

Plank, Situps, Hollow Hold, Pushups (modified) – The hollow holds were really hard. I wasn’t able to keep my legs up for the entire minute but I tried my best.

Tabata: 3 rounds

Single Arm Dumbbell Snatch – 15lbs : 9, 8, 9

Deadlift High Pull – 20lb Kettlebell: 12, 12, 13

Not sure I did the single arm snatch right. I watched a couple youtube videos and copied what they did. I’m sure my form wasn’t the best. I alternated arms. I might have been able to go heavier but this workout definitely had me sweating. Love that it was short and sweet even though I did 3 tabata rounds.

Followed it with Bikini Abs and Sunset Stretch.  Yoga felt sooo good! Ankle was a little tight for some of the moves but I was happy that I was able to balance fairly well in half moon on that side.

Meals: Met my water goal today :-) 93 oz.

M1: banana and bombshell shot

M2: egg whites and plum + coconut water

M3: salad with roasted turkey breast, spring mix, cucumbers, carrots, dried cranberries, cherry tomatoes w/balsamic dressing + grapes

M4: Cliff Mojo Bar – not what I wanted to have but I didn’t have the stuff for my shake cleaned so I grabbed something quick.

M5: Tilapia seasoned with lime juice/garlic/onion/seasalt + asparagus

M6: frozen grapes

Sun 9/21 7DSD Day4 – Got up and hit the gym. Hamstrings were a little sore from the WOD my brother had me do. Sunday’s are tough because I’ve become a football fan and I love watching the games. Decided to do the frisky fall toning workout I missed during the week at half time.

30min Bike Intervals
15min Elliptical Intervals
Quicke Workout x3 at half time of football game

3.2 walk with Seppe before dinner: He did really well and was so excited to see all the deer. We got to see a bunch pretty up close. He earned his pizza for dinner :-)

WOD from brother:
Bicep Curls / Lunges – 8lbs:
20/1 descending curls ascending lunges end with 1/20
For Time – 29:20

Meals – Another 90oz water day. It was sooooo hard to watch the boys eat pizza. It smelled so good but I made my favorite TIU recipe for dinner.
M1: bombshell shot, egg whites, banana
M2: plum
M3: Salad
M4: Slimdown Shake
M5: North Shore Garlic Shrimp

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