September 1 -7: My first ambulance ride and my family visits

Week 7 - Aug 25-31

Week 7 – Aug 25-31

Week 8 of training started off really well. I was glad to be back home and ready to push hard in my training to get my speed up.

Mon 9/1: Week8 Day1 – 5 miles. My hip was really bothering me on this run. I started to foam roll before my runs to help loosen it up and then did a lot of stretching afterwards. I took the boys to the mall to get shoes for school. Gio really didn’t need any but Seppe needed some. I walked out with 4 pairs (2 each) for $100 :-)

Tues 9/2: First day of school for my boys. Finally! I was so excited to be heading to the gym after I dropped them off. I actually looked forward to my speed training.

Week8 Day2: 3.75 miles – .75/.25/.75 with a 1 mile warmup and cool down. Followed it with a leg workout. My original plan didn’t work out because the machines/stations I wanted to use were being occupied so I improvised.

Machine Leg Press 15×4 – 160lbs


Deadlift 20×4 – 50lbs

Bench Crossovers 10×4

Squats 20×4 – 45lbs

Fwd/Bkwd Lunges 10×4 each leg

Weighted Glute Bridges 15×4 – 40lbs

Single Leg Bridge 10×4 each leg

Back Extensions 10×3 – 35lbs

Followed by lots of stretching

Wed 9/3: Legs were sore from Tuesday’s workout but I pushed through during my run.

Week8 Day3: 6miles – once my legs warmed up they felt pretty good.

Thurs 9/4: Remember when I posted that my NWM was just not meant to be? Well today was why. I started off great with a good paced 5k on the treadmill for Week8 Day4. I decided to go downstairs and do a short leg circuit using the Bosu ball.

10 Plyo Side Lunges

10 Plyo Lunge Hops

10 In/Out Squats

I got through one round and then I twisted my ankle during the side lunges :-( The same ankle I sprained in May. And that was it. When I fell to ground grabbing my ankle from the pain, I felt my whole world crumble. Luckily, there was another lady in the weight room with me who called for help. The trainers working up stairs came down to check me out and they called the ambulance. I just cried the whole time. I was so upset because I knew that my goal of a PR on my next half was not going to happen. I thought that I wasn’t even going to be able to do my race or go to the Tone It Up retreat. I was pretty worked up. They gave me morphine for the pain. They assumed my ankle was broken. If you saw how swollen it was, you probably would have too. They rolled me out of the gym and I got my first ambulance ride to the hospital. Ben came from his over time shift as soon as he got the message. We didn’t have to wait long for me to get my X-rays done and I was thrilled that my ankle wasn’t broken. Just a really bad sprain. They gave me more pain meds, wrapped my ankle, prescribed meds for home, gave me crutches and then sent me home. It was probably the fastest we’ve ever been in an out of the ER. I started to feel sick from the meds as soon as I got into the car and trying to use the crutches to get into the condo was really difficult. Everything was spinning. Ben had me wait by the elevator, unlocked the door and came back to carry me in. He put me in the recliner, propped my foot up on a pillow and put ice on it and that’s where I stayed for the entire day. I got so sick from the meds. Anything I ate or drank just came right back up :-( Ben took really good care of me and did all the cleaning I had planned on doing. Gio was super nice to me and Seppe was his usual emotional self. I had to reassure him that I would be ok. I slept when I wasn’t up being sick. It took until about 10p before the meds wore off enough that I could stay awake for more than a few minutes. I finally ate something and kept it down around 11p. Ben carried me to bed and I slept some more.

Fri 9/5: I spent half the day in the recliner while Ben finished up cleaning. We had a lot to do because I had my family visiting for the weekend. My brother Ed and his family showed up around 4 and my mom’s flight came in later that night. I had my brother PJ arriving early Saturday morning and my younger brother and sister coming Saturday night. Having my family around helped keep my mind off my ankle and kept me from getting depressed.

With my mom, brothers and their wives, and my youngest brother and sister

With my mom, brothers and their wives, and my youngest brother and sister

Just the Girls

Just the Girls


Sat/Sun 9/6-9/7: Lots of laughs with my family. My dad even came and visited on Sunday. That’s a big deal because he never comes and visits.  We cooked lots of  yummy Filipino food. I helped and watched my mom cook so I could learn how to cook the food on my own. I held and played with nieces. I was able to walk around on Sunday without the crutches :-)

The "Big" kids with my dad

The “Big” kids with my dad




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