Hooked on Hautelook

The Best Place for Saving on Name Brands

I signed up for Hautelook a year ago because Stila Cosmetics  had an event, and now I’m hooked!! It is so addictive! How can you pass up deals of 50% or more off on Name Brands? I know I can’t :-) It is just too hard to look on the site and NOT want to get something. And they have pretty much Everything! Clothes, Shoes, Makeup, Getaways, Jewelry, Watches, and more!! And not just for us girls. They have something for everyone. I am always checking to see if they have my favorite brands on their site. Most of the time I save more than I spend.

So far I’ve gotten:

Makeup from Stila, Urban Decay, and Too Faced Cosmetics

Urban Decay Haul from Hautelook

Clothes from Hype, So Low, Romeo & Juliet and Harajuku Lovers

I love Rompers

Workout clothes from Marika, New Balance and Nux

Marika Workout Clothes :-)

Marika Clothes

More Workout Clothes.

Trunki Suticases

Got these for my boys :-)

Big Box for the Trunkis

Boys were so excited to open the box.


Michael Todd Cosmetics Face Masks (3 different ones)

Michael Todd Cosmetics

3 LuLu Handbags

2 pairs of City Slips

Sketcher ToneUps

Fergie Boots


And probably more that I’m forgetting. Lol.

They have So Many Name Brands and area always adding new brands.

How It Works:

The best way to make sure you score a great deal in your size – Shop Early. Events start at 8a and only last for a few days.

You have 15 minutes to checkout and pay for items in your cart. I recommend looking through the sales to see what you like and then add to your cart.

On the weekends they have BlowOuts and you can save even more. Again, shop early because things go fast!

When ordering from different brands, your items will ship separately but you are only charged once for shipping.

They also have Great Customer Service. I received an item that was damaged and all it took was a phone call and they refunded me my money right away. No questions asked or forms to fill out. The lady on the phone was very polite and professional.

Most things are returnable. Not much is exchangeable because they have limited stock on their merchandise so there’s no guarantee your item will be avavilable for exchange. But they make it easy to see if you can return an item.

It does take a little longer to get to you.  About 10-14 business days.

If you love name brands and saving money, Hautelook is for you!! My biggest problem is restraining myself. Lol.

Happy Shopping!!

Make sure you check them out on:

They always have giveaways and specials on their Facebook page :-)

You can also find them on

Hair Affair

When I was a teenager, I spent a lot of time on my hair. My hair is naturally wavy, curly, and frizzy but it’s not super kinky. It always felt like it didn’t know what it wanted to do. So I straightened it, Every Day. My dad wouldn’t get me any flat irons so I used a blow dryer and my curling iron. I would get up super early in the morning so that I had enough time to make my hair “presentable” by my standards. If I didn’t have enough time, it would go in braids or a pony tail. It took forever to do my hair because it was long. “We want what we don’t have” and I didn’t have straight, shiny, silky hair like my sister. When I was out on my own and had the money, I bought a flat iron. Needless to say, I was not kind to my hair.

It wasn’t until I became a mother and found AndreasChoice on YouTube, that I came to accept my hair as it is. Having two boys doesn’t give me a lot of time to do much of anything. Now I only straighten my hair once in a while, usually for a special night out. On a daily basis, I leave it to do it’s crazy natural thing. I’ve tried a lot of products to help tame the frizz and help define the curls, and the best by far has been BubbleBabez’s Whipped Body Mouse. It makes my curls look great and helps it from becoming a frizz ball. The best part is that my hair smells Amazing all day long!

I’ve learned to love my hair. I take much better care of it now. I focus on keeping it healthy. When I style it, I make sure to use Heat Protectant. My faves are from CHI and Tresseme. I laugh at how I use to be but we do Lots of silly things when we’re young.


I know it’s been a long time since I’ve done a makeup tutorial or posted on my blog :-( It gets crazy for me during the holidays. And then I just couldn’t get into a groove with doing videos and blogging.

I also started a new blog all about my Life as a mom and my journey to a Healthy and Fit Lifestyle. That has taken a lot of my time lately because it’s easier for me to write about my life. With Makkeup – there is a lot of prep work. Doing beauty videos and blogs is A Lot of Work! I truly admire those who are able to do it Consistently :-)

I’m not quite sure what I want to do. Part of me wants to combine both of my blogs. But I feel that they are two separate sides of me. I still want to do makeup and fashion posts. I just need to find a way to juggle it with my busy mommy world. I think that I will have a little more time once Seppe starts kindergarten :-) So I might just do my best to post when I can and then really get back to it in August.

I hope that you all understand :-) My family always comes first and even my mommy blog gets put aside for a few days when Life demands a little more from me.

As far as my makeup, shoe and fashion addiction – they are all still going strong :-) Especially the shoes! JustFabulous is just about the most wonderful thing in the world! I have added quite a few shoes since my last shoe post. I think my next post will be an update on my JustFabulous collection.

Box from JustFabulous with Birthday Sale Goodies - 4 pairs of shoes and 2 purses. Couldn't resist BOGO :-)

Just recently got some new Stila and Urban Decay. Stila is my all time favorite makeup line and I used my rewards to get some of their newest items. I got a great deal on Urban Decay makeup on Hautelook. I’ve gotten Stila and Too Faced cosmetics from Hautelook too.  I am so addicted to Hautelook for makeup and workout clothes.

Stila is my Favorite Makeup Line - Latest Haul :-)

Found this exclusive Stila Palette in Vegas at Khardashian Khaos inside the Mirage.

Urban Decay from HauteLook :-)

I’ve fallen in love with Sally Hansen Salon Effects – what I call nail polish stickers :-) I always get so many compliments when I have them on and they are super easy to put on. I picked up an expensive brand of them at a mall while in Vegas – Inoco. I’ll do another post on those later.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects - Lace

For fashion – I have started to really enjoy blazers. It just really polishes off a look and adds sophistication. My favorite trend are colored jeans! I want one in every color but for now I have a pair in my favorite color – red :-) I always feel like I’m behind when it comes to trends but I don’t really care because I wear what I Like regardless of the trend.

Red Blazer from Forever21

Cropped Blazer layered with long flannel and tank.

My Favorite Material Girl Black Blazer

I am still very much following the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. Health is such an important part of Beauty and my skin and hair have improved greatly now that I am living a healthy lifestyle. Exercise helps give me a natural glow too :-)

Supery comfy TIU top :-)

So I hope that you will stick around. I will have new posts and videos coming soon. And I am also working on doing a give away once I reach 1000 views on my blog to say Thank You to all of you who have been patient and stuck with me :-)

“Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful” ;-)

Check Out my mommy blog –

Keeping it Simple

“Less is More.” That’s what I’ve been doing for my daily makeup lately. Being a Stay at Home Mom doesn’t mean that I have unlimited time to do my makeup.  It’s actually the opposite. Time is always my biggest enemy so I’ve been Keeping it Simple. I turn to my favorite: Stila Cosmetics.

One Step Correct

Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer

Perfecting Concealer

Sheer Pressed Powder

Prime Pot Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Primer

One Step Bronze

Kitten Eyeshadow

Smudge Pot in Brown

Convertible Mascara

Coconut or Yumberry Cheek and Lip Stain

First Haul from

Brand names at discounted prices? Over a 50% discount?  Yep! You can find them on I’ve heard of them for a while but it wasn’t until one of my favorite cosmetics company – Stila – teamed up with HauteLook for an event. I couldn’t pass up getting some great Stila products for such great prices. I picked up a Lip Rouge, two 24k Lip Glosses, and a Bronzing Tinted Moisturizer.

The Lip Rouge (Smooch) was only $5.99 – originally sold for $20 on

24K Lip Glosses were $6.99 – originally $25 on It’s even cheaper than the sale price of $10 on Stila’s site!

Bronzing Tinted Moisturizer was $12.99 – originally $32 on

Talk about Awesome Savings!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also picked up two Hype Girls Dresses for $19.99 each. Yes, I am small enough to fit in Girls clothes.

HauteLook let’s you know when your items will arrive and whether or not they are returnable.  Most items will arrive  in 10-14 days. It’s only about a week longer than when I order straight from Stila  and it’s well worth the wait. One thing I want to point out is that when you place an item in your cart, you have 15 min to check out or else it gets put back for others to have a chance at it. But while the item is in your cart it’s on hold for the 15 min. So I suggest looking first, then add to your cart when you decide what you want. But don’t take too long. Things tend to go quick!

The events only last a few days so you have to make sure to get on at the beginning for the best choices.  I am constantly looking to see if and when my favorite brands will be on HauteLook. I’ve already placed three more orders for Urban Decay, Harajuku Lovers, and Michael Todd. I am officially hooked on HauteLook!! It’s free to sign up so go check them out!!

Stila’s Garden Bliss Set

Stila's Garden Bliss Set

Get a natural and pretty look for Spring with Stila’s new Garden Bliss Set.  It’s worth $109, but it’s only $32! What a great deal!! I snatched this up right away. I love the natural colors of the Garden Bliss Palette. It’s not too light that you look like you have nothing on, but at the same time it’s not too overpowering.  These colors definitely give you a nice natural look. The blush is a powder – different from the travel palettes that come with Convertible Colors.

The set comes in a cute gold makeup bad that has a magnetic closure and folds over. Along with the palette, there is a deluxe sample size of the Glamoureyes Mascara.  If you haven’t tried this mascara out – you should!! It is not clumpy at all and it has a cooling sensation.  It leaves my lashes longer, fuller, and soft – not brittle. A deluxe sample of their Lip Glaze in Grapefruit is also included. This is a very natural pink color. I love Stila’s lip glazes and Guava is a pretty pink. Just throw this set into the lovely gold bag and you’ll be set at any Spring or Summer event.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Finish off your look with Stila’s Garden Bliss All Over Shimmer Powder:

Garden Bliss All Over Shimmer Powder



Blue Smoke

Here’s a look I did for my son’s baseball game. His team is the Rays and their colors are a dark blue and white so I decided to do a blue smokey eye.




UD Primer Potion

Too Faced Smokey Eye Kit – Midnight & Bronze

UD Naked Palette: Naked & Virgin

Loreal Hip Creme Liner

CoverGirl Lash Fusion


Stila One Step Prime

Benefit Erase Paste

Stila One Step Foundation – Tan & Medium Mixed

Stila Sheer Pressed Powder

Stila Custom Blush


MAC’s Viva Glam Lady Gaga II

MAC’s Lady Gaga II Lip Glass

Where I bought the products: (All Stila products used) (UD and Too Faced Products)

MAC cosmetics store in the mall.

Target (Loreal & CoverGirl products)

Time for Color

Spring is finally here!! But you wouldn’t be able to tell that with the weather we’ve had in Bay lately. It’s cold, rainy, and gloomy. To help cheer myself up, I painted my nails a bright shimmery pink :-) I wanted to try out zebra stripes but they turned out tiger stripes. lol. Oh Well. I tried and I still love how they turned out. It’s pretty with attitude. I look forward to playing with more bright colors for the Spring season and I hope the weather brightens up too.

Favorite YouTube Beauty Gurus

I know alot of us watch YouTube. I didn’t really get into it until about a year ago. And now I’m hooked. There is just something addictive about YouTube. I started watching one makeup video, then another and another. I saw a lot of makeup gurus and follow quite a few now. We all have our favorites and here are mine:

This is no particular order – but these are the gurus that I watch the most and look forward to watching.

angeec03 – Better known as Mommagee. Of all the gurus, I watch, I relate to her the most. She’s a mom with two boys, lives in the bay area and kicks ass in makeup. Most of the looks she’s done, I would wear and I’ve tried quite a few of her looks out. I also got a chance to meet her in person and she is just as sweet as I thought she’d be.

mzmakeupartizt – Alondra is raw and a true artist. She can create a masterpiece with makeup. It would take me lots and lots of practice to even get close to pulling off one of her looks. She’s also done very wearable looks that are just so beautiful. I am mesmerized by her. I love how bold she is.

EnkoreMakeup: Koren is who I look to for advice and tips. I’ve learned so much from him. One day, I will have enough money to go one of his classes.

manwomanfilm: I just recently discovered her and I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to. She is amazing, cute, and funny.

petrilude: Josh is gorgeous and I love watching his videos. He is so talented and I love how to the point he is on his videos.

vintageortacky – Cora is fabulous with makeup. I love her personality and her attitude.

exoticmimi921: Love this girl. She is very talented. Not only in makeup, but she has amazing drawing skills. Plan on hitting her up for a drawing of my kids and family.

stillglamorous: Kasey is beautiful and I love her makeup line. Her looks are gorgeous. I also watch her StillGlamMom channel for meal ideas and to watch her pregnancy blogs. I am very happy for her and her family.

pursebuzz: Elsa is just so sweet and she always has neat tips and tricks. I like watching her reviews.

makeupgeektv: Marlena is very sincere and sweet. I love how brave she is for sharing some of her personal life. Love watching her tutorials and I love how her blog has alternatives to the high end makeup she uses for some of her looks.

andreaschoice: Andrea has great hair tips. My hair is similar to hers so a lot of her tips and tricks work great for me. I’ve also come to love my naturally frizzy, wavy, and curly hair by watching her.

michellephan: Michelle is one of the first ones I started watching. I like all her tips and DIY videos.

bubzbeauty: Bubbi was also one of first gurus I started watching. She had hair and makeup tutorials that were easy to try. I love her clothing line.

I am subscribed to many more and I know that there are many many more talented gurus on YouTube. I am not saying that these are the best. I am saying that these are my favorite and I am sure that I will find other talented beauty gurus that I will be adding to my list.

So who are your favorites?