Sept 8-14: Saying Bye to my Family

My family reunion came to an end as the  new week started. Time just flew by with everyone here and before I knew it, my packed home would go back to just the 4 of us again. Ed and his family left Monday night. It was nice of them to stay longer than they originally planned. Mom and I spent another full day in the kitchen. Tuesday was when my mom went back home. PJ and his family left Wenesday night. I was a bit sad to say good bye- even though it was just for now. Seppe didn’t want anyone to leave and cried when PJ left. He likes having people around. I guess it’s just too boring with just us.  It was a lot quieter But yes, less fun. But that’s how it goes. We all had to get back to our lives and routines.  Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we can get together again….

Seppe and his Aunt Sarah - he adores her.

Seppe and his Aunt Sarah – he adores her.


Mamma, PJ, and me


Seppe loved having his cousin Sabella come with us to drop him off at school.


With their Auntie Nicky


Seppe was soooo sad when PJ and Sarah left.

I didn’t do any workouts until Thursday. I wanted to focus on enjoying the short time I had with my family. I did walk my niece to the park on Wed but that was it. Pushing a stroller up the hills was tough. I applaud all the mamma out there who push those big things around. I haven’t had to push one for a while now and I can’t say I miss it. hahaha.

Thurs- Sun workouts

Thurs- Sun workouts

Thur 9/11: 2 mile walk, Holidayi Arms x3, LoveYourLegs x3, InnerOuter Thighs – I woke up Thursday determined to be active and do something. I had to restrain myself for jumping out of bed and running. I wanted to run so badly but I knew that if I wanted to do my race in Oct, I had to lay off and let my ankle heal completely before I pushed. So I went back to walking. My neighborhood is very hilly and these hills are steep. I focus on engaging my abs and keeping fast pace.

Fri 9/12: 2mile bootycall walk and 4mile walk with Ben. – I meant to do a workout but I can’t remember what I did instead. I know I spent some time cleaning and catching up on my blog.

Sat 9/13: 2 mile walk with Ben and the boys and a quick WOD my brother Ed posted on FB:

10 rounds –

10 pushups (modified)

10 air squats

10 situps

For Time: 9:31

He did his in 8:38 :-P I did try to match him but the last couple rounds were really tough and I slowed down a lot on the pushups.

Sun 9/14: 3.5 mile walk with Ben and the boys, Back to School, SunkissedAbs x3 – Finished catching up on the toning workouts from the first week of the FriskyFall challenge. I spent some time planning out my workouts for the next week.

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