I know it’s been a long time since I’ve done a makeup tutorial or posted on my blog :-( It gets crazy for me during the holidays. And then I just couldn’t get into a groove with doing videos and blogging.

I also started a new blog all about my Life as a mom and my journey to a Healthy and Fit Lifestyle. That has taken a lot of my time lately because it’s easier for me to write about my life. With Makkeup – there is a lot of prep work. Doing beauty videos and blogs is A Lot of Work! I truly admire those who are able to do it Consistently :-)

I’m not quite sure what I want to do. Part of me wants to combine both of my blogs. But I feel that they are two separate sides of me. I still want to do makeup and fashion posts. I just need to find a way to juggle it with my busy mommy world. I think that I will have a little more time once Seppe starts kindergarten :-) So I might just do my best to post when I can and then really get back to it in August.

I hope that you all understand :-) My family always comes first and even my mommy blog gets put aside for a few days when Life demands a little more from me.

As far as my makeup, shoe and fashion addiction – they are all still going strong :-) Especially the shoes! JustFabulous is just about the most wonderful thing in the world! I have added quite a few shoes since my last shoe post. I think my next post will be an update on my JustFabulous collection.

Box from JustFabulous with Birthday Sale Goodies - 4 pairs of shoes and 2 purses. Couldn't resist BOGO :-)

Just recently got some new Stila and Urban Decay. Stila is my all time favorite makeup line and I used my rewards to get some of their newest items. I got a great deal on Urban Decay makeup on Hautelook. I’ve gotten Stila and Too Faced cosmetics from Hautelook too.  I am so addicted to Hautelook for makeup and workout clothes.

Stila is my Favorite Makeup Line - Latest Haul :-)

Found this exclusive Stila Palette in Vegas at Khardashian Khaos inside the Mirage.

Urban Decay from HauteLook :-)

I’ve fallen in love with Sally Hansen Salon Effects – what I call nail polish stickers :-) I always get so many compliments when I have them on and they are super easy to put on. I picked up an expensive brand of them at a mall while in Vegas – Inoco. I’ll do another post on those later.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects - Lace

For fashion – I have started to really enjoy blazers. It just really polishes off a look and adds sophistication. My favorite trend are colored jeans! I want one in every color but for now I have a pair in my favorite color – red :-) I always feel like I’m behind when it comes to trends but I don’t really care because I wear what I Like regardless of the trend.

Red Blazer from Forever21

Cropped Blazer layered with long flannel and tank.

My Favorite Material Girl Black Blazer

I am still very much following the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. Health is such an important part of Beauty and my skin and hair have improved greatly now that I am living a healthy lifestyle. Exercise helps give me a natural glow too :-)

Supery comfy TIU top :-)

So I hope that you will stick around. I will have new posts and videos coming soon. And I am also working on doing a give away once I reach 1000 views on my blog to say Thank You to all of you who have been patient and stuck with me :-)

“Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful” ;-)

Check Out my mommy blog –

Getting Toned and Healthy!

I don’t consider myself to be unhealthy, but I am prone to weakness (candy and rice). There is always room for improvement. One of the hardest things for me was getting exercise.

As a mom, it’s easy to use my kids and my busy schedule as excuses to avoid exercising. But I’ll be 30 this year and I wanted to get active! I know that it will only get harder as I get even older. I’ve been trying different exercise programs and diets over the last couple years, but nothing really worked for me. I’m not a fan of diets anyways. I want something I can incorporate into my life, not just for a few months. Plus, I’m not concerned with losing weight.

My main focus is to tone up and I finally found something that works for me: Tone It Up!Two ladies,  Katrina and Karena based out of L.A. who are trainers that focus on toning, strengthening, and living healthy.  I found them through Twitter and was instantly impressed by their YouTube channel(ToneItUpcom). Free workouts!! I decided to sign up for their Bikini Challenge Series to get 8 weeks of  workouts, tips, and motivation.

My Awesome Trainers: Katrina & Karena

I have been doing their workouts for the last 3 weeks.  They are challenging but fun. What I love about the Bikini Challenge is that there are new workouts every week – keeps it interesting. The emails are motivating and I’ve learned so much from my trainers. What stands out is that foods can claim to be “natural” or “healthy” but really aren’t.  The key is to read the Ingredients. I make sure that I can pronounce what’s on the label and keep chemicals out.

They also have a Nutrition Plan for a reasonable price.  It’s a one time fee for a Life time membership to the Tone It Up Team and there are so many amazing perks to becoming part of the team.  For details check them out: I’ve tried the LarBars and ChoBani Greek yogurt as alternatives to my Fiber One Bars and Activia. It’s different, but not bad. In fact, they taste pretty good.  The biggest difference is the sweetness. You wouldn’t believe how much sugar is in a lot of  health foods. I plan on joining the Tone It Up team very soon.

My favorite tip from my awesome trainers: Get in tune with your body and listen to your body. Tone It Up works for me.  Find what works for you and get Healthy!

Soft Skin Tricks

Who doesn’t want to have soft skin? As we get older, it gets tougher to keep our skin feeling baby soft. Here are my soft skin tricks that have worked great for me.

~ Make sure to have a good body wash/soap/gel that works for your skin. I use BubbleBabez’s Land of Milk and Honey. It leaves my skin clean and soft.

~ Exfoliate! I try to do this every other day. I like to use a body scrub – again from BubbleBabez. They have great bath products and their body scrubs smell fabulous as well as leave my skin super soft.

~ Once I’m done showering, I stay inside the shower and pat dry my body. I don’t let my body get completely dried out.

~ Before getting out of the shower, I apply a body oil. I usually take my showers in the morning so I use a light weight body oil. If I take showers at night, I use one that is a little thicker. I don’t like strong-smelling oils so I use Neutrogena’s Fragrance Free Body Oil. It’s very lightweight and easily absorbs into my skin.

~ I put on a robe when I step out. It helps keep my body warm and helps the oil get absorbed into my skin.

~ I apply lotion. This is where I use pretty smelling stuff.  One of my faves is Lotion Bars from BubbleBabez. I work from the top down.  I use a thicker lotion for my feet. Then I put my robe back on and throw socks on.

My skin stays soft all day. I don’t use perfume because I use my pretty smelling lotions and the fragrance lasts all day. I also put lotion on my hands, arms, and feet before going to bed. What is important is to find products that work for your body and that you like.