Day 6: TIU 7 Day Slim Down

Today wasn’t so bad. I was still craving bread and sweets, but I wasn’t all that hungry.  I have a sweet tooth, and usually I will eat fruit to help curb the craving.  The slim down limits how much fruit you eat so I’m missing them.  I am sick of the Slim Down Scramble. I’ve just had it too often. I am dying to try out all the pancakes and smoothies in the Nutrition Plan.

It was nice that the workout was lighter today. A 30 min BootyCall walk helped to wake me up.  I kept it to 30 min because I wanted to get back home in time to shower before having to take Gio to school. We walked to school again. He doesn’t like it too much, but we’re both getting exercise and it’s the only real one on one time I have with him.  I think that he enjoys not having to share his mommy with his little brother  for a little while :-)

In my video, I said that I was going to do the TIU workout video for the booty, lower abs, and love handles that I did yesterday, But since there wasn’t any workout on the Slim Down (besides Cardio) – and I was really tired, I decided to take it easy and get to bed early.  (Unfortunately, this didn’t happen because I had to stay up to fix all the videos I uploaded for the last 3 days) I went for a 3 mi run for my second cardio.

Food was pretty much the same as yesterday. I made it through lunch this time. I used the TJ’s Chicken Burger this time and it was better than the tofu I used yesterday. I really like M4 with the berries. I love fruit :-) I also started drinking green tea.  I’m not a green tea person, but I didn’t mind it. I got a decaf tea because caffeine gives me headaches.

All in all a good day :-)  I am looking forward to Day 7!

Life with a Controller

I wanted to start a new series about  my Life with an ATCS – for those who don’t know: Air Traffic Control Specialist. Yes, that is their official job title. Most of us just call them Air Traffic Controllers. Some don’t even know what they do. They are NOT the ones on the runways with the lights guiding the planes!! lol. (Yes Ben gets that a lot.)

ATCS are the guys (and gals) that talk to the pilots while they are one runways and in the air. There are several types of controllers. The ones at the airports (like Ben), centers and ones in the TRACONS (Terminal Radar Approach Control which talk to pilots, centers, and towers). I think I’ll save details and specifics for a different post though. I’ve learned so much about Air Traffic, airports, towers, centers, etc.  from Ben and his job.

Everyone says Controllers have super stressful jobs and get criticized like crazy by the media. Life has certainly been interesting since Ben decided to become an ATCS. There is a lot that I’ve really enjoyed and there is a lot that I can’t stand but I’m not going to get into all of it right now.

I can honestly say that I wouldn’t want to be an ATCS. Not that I CAN’T do the job. It’s not in any way interesting to me and because of the people and the politics. You definitely have to be a Type A personality to survive – or a minority (more on that later). To be a GOOD controller you have to be good at multitasking, assertive, and confident at all times. Ben is exactly that. His job definitely has a big impact on our family. From the day to day and the “big” picture.

And  I’m gong to share how I deal with it.

Air Traffic Control Specialists (ATCS)