I Miss My Boys

My boys at their last belt test for Taekwondo

My boys at their last belt test for Taekwondo

Yep. I’m missing my two crazy, high energy, loud, and sometimes annoying boys. The ones who talk my ear off all day and seem to fight with one another constantly. The ones who leave a mess everywhere they go and rarely listen to anything I say. I started missing them the same day they left.

They are off on a boys trip with their Grandpa touring caverns, taking boat rides, camping and fishing for a week. Before they left, I was looking forward to getting a break from them. I think we all needed a break from one another. The trip couldn’t come quick enough. It’s been a challenge keeping them entertained during this long summer break.

I was a little anxious about them being gone for so long, far from me. I made sure to hide my worries from them and keep them excited about their trip. I packed their bags and told them to take care of another, help their grandpa and to have fun.

I wasn’t there when they left. I had a race that same morning and had to leave before them. I did give them kisses on their foreheads before I left. Once I got home from the race and after Ben left for work, it was just me. And I missed them. A lot. It’s so different without them here.

It’s quite. Very very quiet. I don’t think the TV was on at all today. The house was still messy and I couldn’t blame them for once. LOL. It didn’t take long to clean up and of course it will stay clean longer while they’re gone.

I almost don’t know what to do. That’s how much my life, my world, revolves around my boys. It’s really strange just making food for myself. It does help when Ben is home. It gives me someone to take car of.

So what have I been doing? Cleaning and organizing mostly. I’m trying to sort through all their toys/clothes/books and purging. But being in their room reminds me that they are gone and makes me miss them more. So I go and clean/organize a different room for a while. I did get to watch a couple movies that I knew no one else would watch with me. And here I am blogging again after almost a year :-)

Ben and I have also been spending time together when he’s home from work. He actually took a day off so we could go for a hike to a waterfall. It was a fun day. But we still talked about the boys. He misses them too. We wondered what they were doing and if they were having fun.

Hiking Date to Alamere Falls

Hiking Date to Alamere Falls

We did get a call from them the other night. A part of me wanted them to say they missed me and wanted to come home, but I was glad to hear the excitement in their voices as they told us about their adventures. Their Grandpa sends us pics and they look like they are getting along. It must just be at home that they constantly fight.

The days seem a little longer with the boys gone. I can’t wait for them to be home so I can give them big hugs and kisses. They give my life meaning and purpose. They test my sanity at times, but I love being their Mom :-)

I love my boys.

I love my boys.

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