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Bikini Series Day55

June 21/22, 2014


Saturday –
Pink Flamingo x2
2min plank

M1: banana
M2: grapefruit
M3: north shore garlic shrimp/broccoli
M4: PerfectFit bar
M5: salad and 2 slices of pizza

Workout – 6mile run
M1: banana
M2: eggs
M3: perfect fit bar
M4: veggies straws
M5: left over NorthShore garlic shrimp/broccoli/Brussel sprouts/ cauliflower

Saturday was a long day of baseball with a tournament for Gio. Luckily, the field he played on was right across the street from the bay trail so I could do a run while his team warmed up. Did 2 rounds of Pink Flamingo when we got home from his first game.

Dinner was at a pizza place after the second game. I had a very small salad but was still hungry. I had two slices of pizza. Luckily the slices were small. Not the best way to end the bikini series but I didn’t overdo it so I’m happy.

Did my long run on Sunday. It went well. My ankle is doing a lot better. The soreness is almost completely gone. I have more mobility with it.

Didn’t have time to take after pics so I will get to it during the week. I’ll do a post with my results and how this year’s bikini series went for me.

BikiniSeries Day54 5DSD Day5

June 20, 2014


TIU HIIT the Beach II
3.8mile run
TIU BikiniAbs x2
2min plank

M1: banana
M2: SlimDown scramble/ PerfectFit banana bread
M3: half of a PerfectFit green smoothies and bowl of cherries
M4: PerfectFit bar
M5: NorthShore Garlice Shrimp and broccoli
M6: frozen grapes.

Sunset Challenge: Family game night :-)


We also played Trouble. Seppe won Candyland. Gio and Ben won Trouble and I won Sorry! I never win board games and it looked like Ben was going to win. I was so thrilled to win :-)

BikiniSeries Day53 5DSD Day4

June 19, 2014


45min spin class – 4.5miles
TurboFire Fire45
TIU BikiniBody x3
TIU BikiniBody2
2min plank

M1: banana
M2: SlimDown scramble/grapes/PerfectFit banana bread
M3: Shrimp salad from Rainforest Cafe
M4: Panera black bean soup/ chicken Cobb salad – no dressing.
M5: perfect fit bar

Family fun day in the city today. We went shopping, explored Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, and had a late lunch at Rainforest Cafe. I stuck with a shrimp salad and water. We got back just before Gio had to get ready for his tournament game. We picked up Panera for dinner to take to the game. I had the black bean soup and Cobb salad with no dressing. It was tough to stay away from the snack bar junk, but I stayed strong :-)




BikiniSeries Day52 5DSD Day3

June 18, 2014


TIU Sunrise Routine for bootycall
1mile warmup
Leg Press 6×4 270lbs
Single Leg Curls 10×5
Smith Machine Squats 6×3 135lbs
20min Stairmaster intervals 2.5miles
3hrs volleyball
TIU Bikini Yoga
TIU IttyBitty Bikini x2
BikiniAbs (not pictured)
2min plank

M1: banana/SlimDown scramble/ PerfectFit banana bread
M2: grapefruit
M3: salad w/ herb mix/salmon/dried cranberries/cashews/carrots/avocado
M4: Zico and PerfectFit bar
M5: turkey meatballs and broccoli

I wasn’t all that great at volleyball tonight :-( I went to the gym and did my workout before going to volleyball so I was pretty worn out. Played doubles for the last 40min and got a good sweat on. Really going to work on getting better as a setter this session.

Sunset Challenge: No picnic for me. We took the boys to the gym and took turns working out right before dinner time. We were all pretty worn out when we got home and I had volleyball class to get to. Planning on taking the boys for a picnic in the next couple weeks.

BikinkSeries Day51 5DSD Day2

June 17, 2014


TIU HIIT the Beach II – 4miles
1mile warmup on treadmill
Spring Into Summer Cardio on Bike – 10.5miles/3 = 3.5 miles
1.38 mile walk
TIU InnerOuter Thighs
TIU DaisyDukes x3
TIU BikiniAbs
2min plank

M1: SlimDown Scramble/banana/PerfectFit Banana Bread
M2: grapefruit
M3: PerfecfFit Green smoothie: spinach, peach, cucumber/almond milk
M4: PerfectFit Bar and Zico
M5: cucumber slices
M6:Grilled tilapia, broccoli and Brussel sprouts.

Started the day with the BeachBabe DVD. Boys being home makes it hard to get into a routine. Even though, I’ve added them to the gym membership, I haven’t taken them yet because Gio’s had a cough the last couple days. It’s been frustrating for me and my workouts are what have saved me.

Gio had a game so I brought snacks. Forgot to bring them along so I jogged back home to get them and walked back to the park getting an extra little workout in :-) The hills plus carrying the lunch box was a good burn on the legs. Ben and I had cucumbers. Dinner was later than usual because the game went long.

Love the new DaisyDukes workout!! Great one for the legs/booty. Forgot my phone when I went to the gym. So tough to do my cardio but it got done.

I didn’t do the Sunset Challenge because even of it had remembered to get postcards to send, I would not have mailed them out in time. I’m so bad about mailing things out. I’ll text my friends on Saturday though :-)

BikiniSeries Day50 5DSD Day1

June 16, 2014


5k run
TIU Bikini Arms
Move of the Week
Leg workout:
50 squats
50 squat jumps
50 lunges – each leg
50 Dumbbell swings 20lb Kettlebell
50 squat and reach – each leg
25 Burpee Tuck Jumps
TurboFire 45EZ
Sunkissed Abs x2
2min plank

M1: banana
M2: slim down scramble w/ bell peppers
M3: Hawaiian Chk salad w/ herb mix, cucumbers, dried cranberries, coconut chips, tomatoes
M4: PerfectFit bar
M5: grilled salmon and roasted asparagus

Gio was coughing a lot this morning so I didn’t take the boys to the gym with me. I went for a run and did the arms workouts. Trying to do 2 a days this week for the 5DSD. Did TurboFire for 2nd cardio after boys went to bed. Mondays are usually a leg day so I did one round of a leg workout I usually do 2-4 rounds of. Then I did the ab workouts.

I was tired all day from the driving over the weekend. We did a lot in a 24hr period. Had lots of fun with my family and friends so it was worth it :-)

Sunset challenge was to make our favorite PerfectFit recipe. Smoothies and protein pancakes are my favorite but I’ve been wanting to try the banana bread recipe so I did :-)


BikiniSeries Day48/49

June14, 2014


Did my long run on Saturday since I was going to be in Sacramento for the weekend. After having lunch, the boys and I headed out. It took forever to get to Sac. Traffic was horrible. Had cherries for M4 on the road. Eating while driving helps keep me from getting bored.
I did do the Sunset Challenge and hung out with my girl Malissa for a couple hours. It was great to catch up. I miss her and wish I lived closer so I could help her through the tough time she’s going through.

June 15, 2014
Happy Father’s Day!! A jam packed day.


I was up late finishing up gifts for my dad and Ben’s dad on Saturday so I slept in a little Sunday morning. It wasn’t great sleep. The bed I slept on was so uncomfortable. My back was hurting so I got up. I did The FatBurning treadmill workout on Gene’s elliptical. Seppe hopped on for 10min after me :-) I did the Short and Sweet shoulder routine with resistance bands. Followed it with Bikini yoga.

Took Gene to lunch at Chili’s. Had just enough time to shower, get dressed and prep the gifts for the bday party and my dad before heading out to the bday party. Had one piece of pizza and some ice cream cake. From there, we drove to my dad’s for dinner. It was great spending time with my family. The boys loved their baby cousin and hovered over her the whole night. We went back to Gene’s house to pack up and drive back home. Gio fell asleep as soon as he got into the car, and Seppe fell asleep when we got to the freeway. We made it safely home :-)

BikiniSeries Day47

June 13, 2014


TIU BikiniBody
TIU BikiniBody2 – 50 reps of the TotalAbMove
1mile warmup
Smith Machine Squats 115lbs 10×3
Chest Press 10×3 25lbs
Front PullDown 10×3 40lbs
Ab Machine 10×3 65lbs
Spring Into Summer Cardio on StairMaster – 4.42miles

2min plank

M1: egg whites/grapes/banana
M2: muffins at kids school party
M3: tilapia/cauliflower mash/broccoli
M4: Luna protein bar
M5: salmon pattie/cabbage/carrots
M6: Frozen Grapes

Busy day. Boys had their end of the year parties in the morning so I didn’t have time to go to the gym at my usual time. Did TIU workouts at home.

Boys had a pool play date at the gym after school so Ben and I took turns working out. I just did a quick workout with a one mile warmup, squats/chest press/front pull downs/ab machine. Did Spring into summer cardio on stairmaster.

Another great day with water :-) Tempted to go get some Taco Bell for dinner but we didn’t.

Sunset Challenge: My go to summer look is usually a bronze or neutral pink eye using the Naked palettes from UrbanDecay. Smoked out eyeliner I either black/purple/brown and a lip stain/balm. I wear tinted moisturizer with sunblock and sometimes I’ll put on blush/Bronzer. I only wear makeup when I have some place to go. Most of the time, I just wear moisturizer with sunblock, TIU lip balm, and sunglasses.

BikiniSeries Day46

June 12, 2014


1mile warmup
Shoulder Press 10×3 40lbs
Assisted PullUps/Dips 6×3 10lbs
30min Bike Intervals (3miles)
TIU BikiniArms
TIU Pura Vida x2
TIU BikiniAbs
BestAbRoutine 9:01
2min plank

M1: egg whites/strawberries/banana
M2: cherries
M3: PerfectFit Green Smoothie: banana/avocado/spinach/cucumber/celery/almond milk
M4: LunaBar
M5: Grilled Tilapia/broccoli/cauliflower mash

Went to the gym later in the morning to go with Ben. He wanted to start working out again now that his stomach is doing better after his surgery. He warmed up on the elliptical and I ran on the treadmill. We took turns on the shoulder press. I used the same weight as
Ben and it’s the heaviest I’ve ever done for shoulders. While he did biceps and triceps on the machines, I hit the pull-up machine. I did pull-ups and dips to work my biceps/triceps. The last 2 reps of the pull-ups are sooo hard but I know those are the ones that count the most :-)
We both did the stationary bikes for cardio. I did my own intervals. Switching from 30sec/1min to 1/1 intervals.
TIU toning workouts after boys went to bed. Made up the Arms workout from Wed.
My 4th day making my water goal and getting 80+ oz of water :-) I’ve been having at least 11oz of coconut water each day. It’s so refreshing after a tough workout.
Didn’t do the Sunset Challenge because I am not a fan of peanut butter. I might try to modify and make it with almond butter instead. I need to get a few of the ingredients first though. I have the TIU cookie cutters and I am looking forward to using them :-)

Bikini Series Day45

June 11, 2014


5min Max Incline Walk
Leg Workout:
Smith Machine Squats: 6×4 135lbs
Deadlifts: 10×3 115lbs
Glute Pushdowns: 12×4 94lbs
Leg Extensions: 10×3 65lbs
Single Leg Lying LegCurls: 15×3 35lbs
Leg Abduction/Adduction 10×3 95lbs
Making Waves Cardio
3hr Volleyball
2min plank

Saved TIU Arm workouts for Thursday. Completely exhausted after volleyball.

M1: Eggwhites/banana/grapes
M2: Nectarine/Cherries
M3: PerfectFit Shake – spinach, banana, strawberries, almond milk
M4: Zbar
M5: Hawaiian Chicken w/ roasted Brussel sprouts
M6: frozen grapes