Maria & Mia

Women are complicated. No matter how simple we may seem, there is always more to us than meets the eye. This probably sounds bi-polar or schizo, but there are many sides to me and they can boil down to two girls: Maria and Mia.

Maria: Sugar and Spice and everything nice. She’s the one that everyone meets. She’s polite, sweet, and always does the right thing. She’s the responsible one – always. She is always in Mommy Mode. She is insecure and worries. She likes to be in control.

Mia: If you’ve met Mia, then you’ve had a good time. She is all about fun. Only certain people get to meet her. She’s wild and unpredictable. She is confident and short tempered. She is adventurous and fearless.

They are loyal to their friends. They can’t stand liars and can be bitchy. They don’t like being told they HAVE to do something. Both Love their family more than anything in the world.

Maria is pretty much in control all the time. Mia helps Maria feel more confident and to not stress out so much. Mamma Mia shows up for parties and vacations. She helps Maria enjoy being a Mom. When there are no kids around, Mia is free but Maria keeps her out of trouble. They balance each other out. They are me.

Kiss Kiss from Maria & Mia ;-)

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