Top 10: Things I say Over and Over

We all do it.  Say the same thing over and over again with our kids. I’m sure that there’s more than 10, but these are what pop into my head. I’m thinking of making a recording and just putting it on repeat. lol

1. Stop Fighting!! – I can not count how many times I say this in a day.  Two boys = fights every day over everything.

2. Pick up your Toys! – If you’ve seen how many toys my kids, you’d know why I say this all day long.

3. Go to Your Room! – not only for time outs. Sometimes I just need them out of my sight for a few minutes.

4. Share! – trying to teach them to get along.

5. Maybe Later – I read some where saying “Maybe” instead of “No” helps diffuse situations a little quicker.  It works for me.

6. Eat Your Food – Every day, every meal I have to say this. apparently the presence of food on the table makes no difference. They always want to do something else besides eat.

7. Not Inside- Throwing balls, playing catch, riding bikes… outside not inside! They test this everyday.

8. Did you brush your teeth? Every night. I’m big on dental hygiene.

9. Wash You Hands – Gotta keep those lil hands clean.

10. Do your work – they like to think that they are going to “work” like daddy. I make cleaning and studying their “jobs.”

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