Your Baby Can Read: Week 2 and 3

We’ve done three weeks of the Your Baby Can Read Program. For the Second week of the program, I had the boys watching their videos twice a day.  Once in the morning, and once in the afternoon. Both stayed on their first level.  Seppe worked with his cards and books a couple times a day.  I also had Gio go over all the cards and books for Seppe’s level once a day.  There were no cards or books that came with the Your Child Can Read set. But I figure it wouldn’t hurt to have him learn the words from Seppe’s set too.  He knows all of them.

At the beginning of Week 3, I started Gio on Level 2 of his set.  Seppe is still on Level 1 and I will keep him on that until he’s done it for a month (as suggested.) I have no idea how it works, but there is something definitely going on in their little brains.  Gio has greatly improved with his reading.  Before, it was a pain to get him to a read a very simple book.  He was very bad a correcting himself and easily forgot a word that he just read.  Now, he can correct himself and figures words out more quickly.  He remembers the words and he knows more words just from looking at them.  He is not afraid to try and read new words.  He really likes his Level 2 video.  He talks about it every time he’s done watching it.

Seppe is on a slower pace.  He has added a couple more words that he knows. The problem with him is getting him to sit still and focus.  I had him in my room watching it laying down, but he would just get up.  I have to hold him in my lap and do everything he does for him to sit still.  It’s a little more work, but it helps him.  He’s so much more interested in words.  He wants to know what Everything says. I think it’s also helping him learn other things as well.  I’ve started him on his shapes and he is doing very well.

We missed a few days during Easter but we jumped right back into it as soon as we got home. The important thing is to keep at it. The boys don’t complain about having to watch their videos. It’s now become part of our daily routine.

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