Your Baby Can Read Update

I’ve been super busy lately, so I’m not sure exactly what week I’m on with the boys on their Your Baby Can Read. I think I’m on week 5 now. Before I continue with the update on how my boys are doing, I just wanted to point something out ——-> Popping this video on once in a while as background noise while your kids play with toys is not going to get you results. Also, you can NOT expect your child to miraculously start reading after doing the video for one week, a month, or a few months down the road. Every kid is different and  learns at different rates in different ways. My boys are prime examples.

With Gio, I have moved him up the different levels with his Your Child Can Read videos every two weeks. He’s older and could read a few words already.  He is learning phonics in school so it’s a little bit easier for him to pick up the words and learn them.  He is also a very quick learner.  Keeping him on a lower video for too long would only bore him and he needs the challenge.  He is on Level 3 now and will start Level 4 next week. I do show him the previous levels once a week just to help refresh his memory and to help keep it from being too boring for him. He can read quite a few words and can now read most of his own stories for story time. Now, these stories aren’t super complicated, but the fact that he can read them on his own with very little help from me, is great news for us.

Seppe, is the complete opposite. I am going at a slower pace for him.  He is still on Level 2. I show him Level 1 once a week. I combine the Level 1 and Level 2 books and flash cards and try to go over them once a day. Level 2 is a little bit longer than Level 1 so he is having difficulty sitting still for the entire time. Luckily this level has two songs that get him to stand up and dance that he really enjoys. He now knows almost all the words from level 1 and about 3 words from level 2. I can honestly say that he’s learned the new words more quickly. His progress isn’t as quick as Gio’s but for Seppe, it’s very big progress :-) I have to constantly remind myself that he is different from Gio and that I have to work hard to help him learn HIS way.

I’m not perfect. There are days when I don’t have them watch their videos – especially when we travel(something I have to work  on). I make it an effort to make it a part of our daily routine. The key is making sure that I am involved.  I can’t just put it on and walk away – especially for Seppe. I also make sure Ben is involved and helps when he is home. It really helps that we are working together to help give our boys the best.

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