Anniversary Giveaway!!!

So I’ve been mentioning a giveaway for months now and I am so sorry for taking so long to finally get to it.  Something always seemed to come up when I wanted to do it. I had hoped to have it up by the time I did the  NWM on the 14th, but I was fighting a virus and focused on resting so I would have energy to get through my race.  Thanks to a wonderful hubby who took time off work so I could get some rest, I am feeling well enough to get this Giveaway started!

For those of you who don’t follow me on twitter or instagram – Here is what 1 Lucky winner will get:

Who Wants to Win?!!

I wanted to celebrate my amazing first year being part of the Tone It Up Team by doing a Giveaway. And what better prize could I give than goodies from the team that changed my life? I didn’t  have much luck finding a brown rice protein that I liked.  The chalky texture always got to me, but when Karena and Katrina came out with Perfect Fit, I didn’t have to look anymore.  It’s not completely smooth like whey protein, but it is so much better than all of the other brown rice protein powders I have tried. It’s great in smoothies, pancakes, and pretty much anything you can think of adding it to.  They have an ice cream and donut recipe too!

The winner gets:

  • 1  50 serving bag – perfect for baking
  • 1 box of 20 single serving packs – great for on the go
  • 1 Pink Blender Bottle

How To Win:

  1. Subscribe to my blog:
  2. Follow me on Twitter: @Mia_Butterfly
  3. Leave a comment on This Post telling me your biggest challenge with your health and fitness goals.
  4. Only 1 comment per person. Multiple comments will be disqualified.
  5. For an extra entry follow me on Instagram: msmammamia
  6. Contest Starts 10-15-12 as soon as this is published :-)
  7. Contest Ends 10-22-12 at 11:59pm PST

Yes, this is open Internationally. I paid for all these goodies so these are gifts from me :-) Please share this!  Good Luck!!

31 thoughts on “Anniversary Giveaway!!!

  1. My biggest challenge with my health and fitness goals is for one I would lose most of my motivation to reach my goals in my health and fitness. But every since I joined the tone it up community. I found so many strong, kind, very motivating people. That now I feel more hope to reach my goals then I have ever. When I feel like giving up I find a way to keep moving. Also, with me having over 100 lbs to lose don’t make it easy either. But, I’m NOT giving up this time around. :)

  2. To still take care of my husband with his heart condition to be able to get myself back into good health with my food and cardio

  3. My biggest challenge is the fact that I love food. I can get in all of my workouts but then I undo all of that hard work by eating too much. The weekends are especially tough when I’m with my family it’s so hard to watch them eat junk food.

  4. My biggest challenge is staying on track fully. I always do so well for a week or 2 at a time then have a slip up and have to start back again. I really want to stay committed and make this not a “diet” but a lifestyle. I am tried of starting over & ready to take full control.

  5. My biggest fitness challenge is gaining cardio endurance for running! It’s slow going and easy to feel like I’m not making any progress. I need to focus on my small gains!

  6. Hi Mia, I’ve been following you for a while and you are very inspiering how to use tone it up! I joined tone it up in june and its really great! I live in Denmark, Europe and have not tryed perfect fit yet because of expensive shipping… :-( One of my biggest challenges with getting healthier is no sugar, but following the amazing tone it up girls on twitter and the member blog makes it easier! I’m almost clean;-) love your tweets and that your introduced me to Blogilates! New neon collection is fantastic!

  7. 1 year already ? This is huge :)
    My own challenge is to control my emotional eating. Plain & simple. Had loads of trouble with it during the bikini challenge but for now, it’s getting better. Hope this keeps quiet :p

  8. I think that one of my biggest health challenge is to stay on track both in school and at home (because I live in a dorm) So when I go home on the weekends I can’t bring all my healthy stuff, I don’t have the gym etc. I’m trying to figure this out :-) One of my ultimate fitness goal is to complete at least a half marathon!

  9. My biggest challenge is finding ways to keep it interesting and not boring since I work out on my own and don’t have a workout buddy!

  10. My biggest challenge would have to be time management. I would love to get up and get in a bootycall but with just starting a new position as a temporary reading teacher, grad school, and tutoring, the time I have left I need to sleep! I find it so hard to schedule in time for fitness!

  11. My biggest challenge is getting through this plateau! The last 10-15 lbs are the hardest! Trying to push through intense workouts but getting tired!

  12. Congrats on your one year anniversary!! My anniversary will be in March next year :) My biggest challenge reaching my health and fitness goals for me was living with a family that does not like to try new (and healthier) things. Since I live with them, most of the time (if I have time) I have to cook my own meal because whatever they are having is not “TIU approved”. They also like going out once a week to eat at a restaurant, and they order fast food often when no one wants to cook. This is my current challenge, even after reaching some goals that I’ve strived to achieve since I began Tone It Up. I won’t let it get me down though. I’m still trying hard to maintain haha! :)

  13. I would have to say my biggest challenge is eating well when I’m outside of the home. I have gotten good at not buying unhealthy things at the grocery store but when I’m on the go its hard to resist.. especially when I’m with friends who ask me questions as to why I’m not eating certain things.

  14. My biggest challenge is being consistent with my eating. Especially on the weekends. Late night snacking! My goals are to really focus on making healthier choices and really making it a lifestyle change. Congrats on 1 year!!

  15. Hi Mia! My challenge is this. I struggle to stretch & incorporate enough yoga into my daily routine to balance the heavy weights I’ve been lifting lately. I tend to go hard and forget that it’s all right for me to have an easier workout where I’m not pushing myself to the extreme. I get so amped out that I want to never stop! Balance is important.

    My fitness goals are to finishing Toning It Up :) and increase my endurance. I want to work all of my muscle groups and actually be able to do a pull up! I want to try out different fitness classes and not hide at home or a crowded gym.

    Congrats on your anniversary! You look amazing! :)

  16. My biggest challenge is that I am a nursing student. This makes it difficult to stock up on fresh, organic produce – what my heart desires. My ever-fluctuating schedule also makes it difficult to schedule workouts and runs. I have to look at my schedule to regroup every 5 weeks! The end is in sight (February 15 – who’s counting!), and I look forward to the day that I know no rules!

  17. Congratulations on your anniversary! I’m new to the team and so excited to meet inspirational people like you! My biggest challenge is staying committed to a workout and healthy eating plan as I’m always looking for variety. That’s why I picked tone it up since they’re always sending new workouts and recipes and the community is sharing their new tips and tricks as well. I haven’t tried the Perfect Fit yet so I’m hoping this will be my first bag! :)

  18. Congratulations! I am almost at one year myself! My biggest challenges are my cravings for processed snack foods (chips, crackers, cereal,) I call them the triple C threat lol. I usually have these cravings when it’s that lovely time of the month. I also find it very challenging to not eat starchy carbs with M5! Carbs, carbs, carbs!! I’ve been asking other TIU girls how they like this protein because I really want to buy it and make the donuts :) Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  19. Finding time and often a space to workout is often an obstacle. Between my kiddo and work and boyfriend something is always demanding my attention! Being out and about, often for two meals a day, throws a monkey wrench into my healthy eating too. I often go for fast and easy out instead of preparing for my day ahead of time! After sending the boyfriend off to work and taking the kiddo to school I often don’t take care of myself!!!! Not cool!

  20. Making the committment to daily exercise is hard. Eating crap when I am tired is another challenge that is always with me. But I won’t give up. Looking good at my age is a forever goal.

  21. Congrats on your anniversary!

    My biggest challenge in my health & fitness goals is the early morning Booty Calls! I always feel so much better after I have worked out in the morning so they are worth it :) But sometimes I am so sleepy!

    subscribed by email – followed on twitter @jaynebecca – followed on instagram: jaynebecca


  22. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary and on your fitness journey!
    My biggest challenge in all of this is avoiding sweets. I can easily lose control when it comes to all the yummy sweets. That makes it really hard to stick to a healthier diet. Also sticking to workouts sometimes can be difficult because of my schedule. Subscribed and I was already following you on twitter!

  23. Well, my biggest challenge is to avoid salty fastfood.. especially chips. Man I like those things! I always seem to make progress and then ruined it with bad food choices. I’m like a little yoyo going up and down 5 pounds… not getting far acting like this! Working out is my drug so I don’t have an issue with that ;) Thank you very much for this giveaway! It’s awesome!!

  24. Congrats you are a really big inspiration! I really love working out and always make time to at least workout for 25 mins 6 days out of the week. I juice veggies every morning and I am a vegetarian so over all I eat pretty clean but my biggest health problem is sweets! They are my biggest weakness and I can never say no I try not to keep sweets in my apartment but when I tell myself I am not eating sweets, thats when i eat the most! I hope to one day get rid or my sweet tooth or really just have better control and discipline I am trying!

  25. My biggest challenge is my family… I always get I in my head that will start eating healthier start exercising more but this is where I have a hard time keeping up with my goals that I want to accomplish. My family has never really thought aBout healthy eating . I mean we don’t eat out from fast food restaurants but we buy corn & flour tortillas, white rice in almost every meal, cook with corn oil or vegetable oil, serve huge portions , buy sodas and Lmost never add vegetables to our plates… I have attempted to buy vegetables and add it to our foods but they laugh Nd they make fun of it saying we Are not rabbits to be eating salads … They make fun of me when I make juices with all fruits and veggies.. And when I try to exercise at home they laugh and mke fun of me … I always find myself explaining to them why I try to exercise more and eat healthier but they say I’m Crazy !!

  26. My biggest challenge, by far, is overcoming my weakness for sugar. I can make it through an entire day being mindful and not eating it- satisfying my sweet tooth with fruit, but once evening strikes, it’s like no berry will do! I am certain if (when!) I cut sugar out from my diet, or even drastically reduce it, I will easily slim down some more:)

  27. Being in university and trying to balance healthy living with getting good grades. Also i do find it pretty difficult to live at home where my mom cooks, I KNOW that sounds snobbish. I really love my moms cooking, but she really likes to bake, so there are ALWAYS baked goods around, and I’m getting better at saying no, and reaching for something else more healthy and satisfying, like the tiu peanut butter balls! They are the best! My goal is to start making one meal a week with helathy ingredients, and gradually make my way up from there. Plus I’ll be helping my mom since she’s already soo busy!

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