Bikini Series Day2

April 29, 2014 –

Today was tough. Gio woke up in the middle of the night sick. Cleaned up the mess and had a couple hours to get back to sleep. I didn’t want to get up when the alarm went off but I did. I wasn’t feeling that great. Went on my walk and did a loop around the neighborhood. I felt better after the walk. But Gio had a fever and had to stay home so my plan to go to spinning didn’t work out. Took care of him and Ben most of the day – Ben came home early from work because he wasn’t feeling well either :-/ Gio tried to go play his baseball game but we were glad they had enough players that he could sit out. He stayed and cheered on his team and Ben helped coach. I didn’t get a chance to workout until after the boys went to bed.


I followed along with the new Bikini Body Workout. I used 8lb dumbbells for everything except the first move. I love this new workout. K&K never fail to make great workouts for the bikini series. Followed it with 30 push-ups and a 2 min plank. I ended with the Sunset Stretch yoga routine. I really need to do yoga more often. It felt so great to stretch out my legs.

I didn’t get a chance to take pics of my M2 and M4. My m2 was mango and m4: was a Luna bar. I did have a handful of m&m’s at Gio’s game though :-/ I need to pack better for his games because it’s easy to go the whole 2-3 hours without eating or drinking anything. Dinner was a Greek Chicken Salad from Panera with no dressing. I love Greek salads and with all the flavors from the olives and feta, I didn’t need dressing. I didn’t quite reach my water goal. I still got 60 oz in but I want to drink more because it helps me feel better throughout the day. Baseball game days are hard. I’m usually so tired that we just pick up dinner or order pizza for the kids. I have to start having dinner already made before the game so we can just come home and eat.

I showered and then took my before pics for the bikini series:


I am always hesitant about posting my before pics. I’ve got some toning to do on my midsection. But that will come with a cleaner diet. I’m not too concerned about getting smaller. In fact, I’m trying to get bigger in my legs and arms. I wish I could make my chest grow :-( But I’ve come to accept that this is my body. I have to learn to love my body. I don’t weigh myself so I don’t have a starting weight. I did measure though because I want to put on muscle in certain areas.
Waist – 26″
Hips – 34″
Thighs – 16″
I’m looking forward to seeing the changes in 8 weeks.

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