Bikini Series Day24


May 21, 2014

2mile bootycall jog
5min Max Incline Warmup walk
Leg workouts:
Glute Bridges 12×4 40lbs
Deadlifts 10×3 95lbs
Jump squats 12×4 40lbs
Leg press 15,10,8,6,6,8,10,15
140, 160, 180, 270
Glute Kickbacks 10×3 100lbs
Leg Extensions 10×3 70lbs
Seated Leg Curls 10×3 65lbs
Leg Abduction/Adduction 10×3 90lbs
20mim Stairmaster Speed Intervals
BikiniBooty x2
2hrs of Volleyball
Ibiza Beach Yoga
2min plank

M1 – Egg whites, banana, sprouted wheat toast w/ cocoa almond butter
M2 – Larabar
M3 – rice and leftover BBQ Chk and tilapia
M4 – almonds and pork jerky
M5 – Hawaiian BBQ Chk and rice
M6 – frozen grapes

It’s been a very long day for me. I feel like I’ve been hit by a train. I didn’t have time to knock out 3miles for my bootycall so I did 2. Had a great Legday. I met my goal of leg pressing 270lbs today :-) I was not looking forward to getting on the stairmaster for cardio after weights but I did it. I finished my gym session with 2 rounds of BikiniBooty in the studio that I do kickboxing in. It’s empty after 10:30 so anyone can go in there and do workouts :-)

We will be going on a camping trip for the holiday so I had to do some grocery shopping. I was pretty tired and carrying groceries up the stairs to the condo was like a workout. I was hoping for a nap but the boys had a half day and Gio had a ton of homework that he needed help with. Then Seppe’s homework. I rested on the couch for 30min before cooking dinner and getting ready for volleyball. I didn’t sleep. I just sat there doing nothing. Lol.

Volleyball was fun. Had a few wins and the losses were not blow outs. We had a lot of close games. My over hand serving was ok but my arm got tired. I was sore from yesterday and I could tell my right arm was done. I didn’t want to mess my shoulder up so I went back to my underhand serving. Playing doubles and triples at the end wore me out.

I really needed the yoga routine tonight. Ibiza Beach yoga is one of my favorites. I tried out my new Nike Studio wraps. It worked pretty well but I don’t like the ribbon. I didn’t feel like it added any more support and I don’t like how it looks on me.

Meals were not as lean as I would have liked. I kept my rice serving size small when I could easily have piled it on like I wanted to. Met my water goal today :-) It helps when I have more than one water bottle ready to go at any time.
The sunset challenge was to put together a care package to send to a friend. I will be sending my TIU sister Candy some cute summer goodies :-) Let’s see if I can remember to mail it out!

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