BikiniSeries Day34/35

May31/Jun1, 2014


Gotta admit that my eating was not so great over the weekend. Saturday was better than Sunday. I usually take Sat as a rest day with some yoga but since I had missed some workouts over the week, I decided to do a couple. I did Pink Flamingo which I wanted to try as soon as it was posted. I did PuraVida too. I really like this one from last year :-) Baseball and cleaning for most of the day. Ben’s dad came to be here for Gio’s playoff game on Monday. It’s always more challenging to eat clean when he’s visiting because he always wants to go out. I think it’s his way of helping out but it really doesn’t :-/

Sunday was a Runday and I really wanted to run. I got up and headed out without the ankle brace but didn’t make it too far. My ankle was not happy and I came home. Plus there was a a bike race that had my usual trails and routes shut down :-( I planned on doing cardio at the gym later in the day but that didn’t work out either.

After Gio’s practice, they had a team party at one of players’s homes. There was a pool and lots of food. I fried up lumpia to bring to the party and did TakeMetoTheSea while I was cooking. The boys had a blast and swam for hours. It was a very ice party and it was great to hang out with the parents. By the time we got home, it was time to get some dinner. Gene took us to Red Robin. I got a lettuce wrapped burger which makes it possible to eat a burger and not feel too gross after.

It was still light out when we got home so I decided to try running again but this time with the brace back on. It went so much better and I was happy that I could run longer. I will probably wear the brace for the next week just to give my ankle extra support, especially on my runs. I got home before it got dark :-)

I did BikiniAbs and my plank before bed. Nervous for Gio’s team in Monday’s game. It’s been a while since they last played and I’m not sure how well they will do. The team they play is pretty good. Staying optimistic and hoping they can pull it together.

I’m ready for the last 3 weeks of the challenge. New month means new goals. I try to set goals every month. It’s pretty similar to last month’s.

* Drink min of 60-80 oz – water intake is always a goal because it’s what I have the most trouble with. I haven’t been making over 60 that often and that’s the minimum for me.
* Weights 2/3x – This is the last month before I go back to training for racing so I really want to build as much muscle as I can.
* Yoga 2x – I didn’t do that great last month with my yoga goal so I want to do better for this month.
*Cario 5x
*Lean Clean and Green – really need to tighten up my diet and cut back on the extra treats ;-)

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