Bikini Series Day55

June 21/22, 2014


Saturday –
Pink Flamingo x2
2min plank

M1: banana
M2: grapefruit
M3: north shore garlic shrimp/broccoli
M4: PerfectFit bar
M5: salad and 2 slices of pizza

Workout – 6mile run
M1: banana
M2: eggs
M3: perfect fit bar
M4: veggies straws
M5: left over NorthShore garlic shrimp/broccoli/Brussel sprouts/ cauliflower

Saturday was a long day of baseball with a tournament for Gio. Luckily, the field he played on was right across the street from the bay trail so I could do a run while his team warmed up. Did 2 rounds of Pink Flamingo when we got home from his first game.

Dinner was at a pizza place after the second game. I had a very small salad but was still hungry. I had two slices of pizza. Luckily the slices were small. Not the best way to end the bikini series but I didn’t overdo it so I’m happy.

Did my long run on Sunday. It went well. My ankle is doing a lot better. The soreness is almost completely gone. I have more mobility with it.

Didn’t have time to take after pics so I will get to it during the week. I’ll do a post with my results and how this year’s bikini series went for me.

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