August 25-31 – Bye Elk Prairie and Hello Hatcreek

Week 7 was a tough one. I’m not use to trail running so I was cautious on my runs, even with my shoes. They worked great and I didn’t have any problems with slipping but I never ran with headphones, even on my mid length runs. I wanted to make sure I was aware at all times. I didn’t worry about pace and just focused getting the miles in.

Week 7

Week 7

Mon 8/25 – Week7 Day1: 5 miles – Ben went with me for a mile and half then turned around to do 3 miles. I went on to 2.5 miles before turning around. I did stop a couple times to check signs to make sure that I was going the right way. I wanted to avoid that steep hill we did on our first run.

This was our last full day at the Elk Prairie campgrounds. Ben and I planned on doing a hike to Golds Bluff Beach (we camped there in 2009) and meet Gene and the boys there. We were a little confused on the distance. One sign said 9 miles and the other said 4.5 miles. The camp host said it was 4.5 so we went for it. It turned out to be 9 miles based on how long it took us. We went a little further because we started from our campsite which was about 2 miles from where the trail to Golds Bluff Beach started. We wound up getting there at the same time Gene and the boys got there. We had lunch and the boys decided to play in the ocean. I can’t believe that they didn’t freeze. I was covered in a towel the whole time. Ben fell asleep.

Golds Bluff Beach

Golds Bluff Beach

Tues 8/26: The boys were very sad to leave their new friends but it was time for us to pack up and head over to my grandpa’s property at Hatcreek. I knew that it was going to be another long day in the car so I didn’t plan on doing a run. We made a long ride even longer by deciding to go to Eureka for lunch. We tried to avoid the fire in Weaverville by going on the 36 and that was just a Bad Idea. I got sick :-( The windy roads were just too much for me. We decided to take the 3 to get back to the 299 and that was just as bad and we had to stop again because I was so sick. Gio got sick too. I emptied my stomach. We managed to get to my grandpa’s before dark. We had stopped in Redding and had pizza (not me) so all we did was set up camp and go to bed.

Wed 8/27 –  Week7 Day3: Was suppose to be an 8 mile run but I only did 4. I did a loop a couple times and my stomach was not happy. I felt sick after the first lap and pushed through to get the second one done.  I decided to cut it short and try to make it up later if I could. My grandpa’s property is at a higher elevation too so I wasn’t use to the thinner air.

My grandpa’s property is a very special place for my family. I am so grateful that I get to share it with my kids. I spent almost every summer there as a kid. I took it for granted then, but I love it so much now. I want to go as often as we can in case it winds up having to be sold.

We spent most of the time relaxing. It’s private so it’s just us. The stars were amazing at night. Ben got to shoot his guns. The boys went fishing – mostly Gio. My grandpa came to hang out for a couple days and I got to catch up with him.


Thurs 8/28 – Week7 Day4: 6miles. I felt much better and was able to do three loops. Ben did a second day of shooting. He spent almost 5 hours playing with his toys. Reggie didn’t like all the loud noise and took off. We all separated to look for him. Seppe and I were the ones who found him. He was in the field next to my grandpa’s property. He wound up cutting his back on barb wire getting back to our side. Gene took him to the vet in the town first thing the next morning.

Fri 8/29 – Week7 Day5: 5miles. This was very slow because Seppe joined me for a few parts of it and he didn’t like being left alone. Ben, Gene, and Gio went fishing for a long time so it was just me and Seppe. They came back with 10 fish! They caught a total of 20 for the 3 days we were there. We took home 6 and had 4 for lunch while we were there. We left after lunch to get back before there was too much traffic.

It also happened to be Gene’s birthday. After we unpacked and showered (finally!!), we ordered some Italian for pick-up and got some cheesecake for dessert to celebrate Gene’s birthday :-) We decided that we would leave Sat instead of Fri night so we could rest.

Sat 8/30 – Week7 Day6: 4miles to make up for the 4 that I didn’t do on my eight mile run. I was pretty tired and my left hip flexor really bothered me. I didn’t do much stretching after my runs while camping because I was usually doing something right after I finished.  We drove back home so we could be home before Ben had to go to work.

Sun 8/31 – Week7 Day7: Long run day – 14 miles. My longest and furthest run ever. This was tough!! My hip hurt and my legs were tired. I had one bathroom stop and I stopped half way to stretch out my hip. I made it all the way to the San Mateo bridge before turning around.

My slowest week of running but I was glad that I was able to stick to my training and get my miles done.

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