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A Very Fit February

Well after my December Goals got derailed because of getting sick, I was able to get back to normal through Tone It Up‘s Tonedin12 Challenge that started at the beginning of the year. I was disappointed that I couldn’t follow through with my  goals, but I brushed it off. Couldn’t do anything about being sick and taking care of 3 other sick people.

My goal for January was to get back on track. The Tonedin12 Challenge really helped get me back into my routine. It took me a little while to get back to my intensity level I was at before I got sick. It was really hard to get back into doing bootycall workouts.  That and eating 5 meals a day. Fortunately, I only gained a few months over the holiday season – the one perk of being sick. lol.  This last week has been the best week for me. I’ve been able to kick my workouts up a notch.

And now I’m ready to keep on pushing! February is going to be a Very Fit month for me. I will be following through with the end of the Tonedin12 Challenge – ends on Valentine’s Day. I have no doubt that Karena and Katrina have something great for us after the end of the challenge.  Even if it’s not right after the challenge ends, there’s still their February Calendar filled with challenges that I always try to do :-)

TIU February Calendar

My big Fitness goal will be starting the Beach Body  TurboFire series. I signed up to do a fitness challenge through Beach Body coach April Anaya. We start on the 6th. It’s a 30 day challenge and there is a small group of us doing it together. I am really excited. I’ve always wanted to try TurboFire out. I think that this challenge will help keep me on track with it.

I will also be training for my first half marathon coming up in September. Today I officially registered to do the Disney Half Marathon with a friend. Even though it’s still a long way away, I want to get started on training. I was hoping to do a 10K this month but it looks like I’ll have to wait until March. I’m really excited about this month and this year. So many exciting things coming up.

September 2, 2012