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Tuesday Tunes: Long Live the King

It’s a shame that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson is gone. But Thanks to my 4 yr. old son and the millions of fans out there, he will never be forgotten. At 3 yrs. old my son discovered Michael Jackson while playing with YouTube on my phone.  He was fascinated with werewolves and came across the Thriller music video.  Needless to say, he was hooked. The scary werewolf, the zombies, and the music captivated him. He would watch it over and over again. He even started to mimic the dance moves.

Because of his fascination, I have been reintroduced to MJ. I was a fan, but didn’t know much more than beyond his most popular songs. Blame it on a super strict dad who didn’t approve of MJ’s music. I sat down with him and watched “This Is It”.  I was truly impressed by how amazing Michael was.  We watched the new Thriller music video over and over again. We also got him the “Michael Jackson Experience” game for the Wii. He can play that game all day. Again, I was blown away by MJ’s talent.  There is no way, I could ever come close to dancing like he did.  My son will do the dance moves anywhere he is – without any music. He doesn’t have the moves down yet, but he’s working on it.

Now at 4 yrs. old, my son is completely obsessed with all things Michael Jackson. He rolls his sleeves and leaves his jackets or sweaters open so he can be like MJ in Beat It and Thriller.  He even has a MJ action figure. Thriller is his favorite song, but he loves listening to all of MJ’s music. The ones that we listen to Every day:


Beat It


Smooth Criminal

Leave Me Alone

Black or White


Rolled up his sleeves to look like MJ

Dancing at his brother's T-ball game.

Sep with his Favorite MJ Thriller

He doesn’t understand that MJ has passed away. It’s sad that he will never get to see him live, but I know that he will be influenced by MJ’s music for the rest of his life.

Tuesday Tunes: “All Eyez On Me”

So Tuesdays are going to be dedicated to Tunes.  If you haven’t noticed, Music is big part of my life.  I love all kinds of Music. I love how a song or album can just change my mood, relax me, energize me, take me back to those carefree days, or get me on my feet and dancing.

For those of you who have read my Radio rant, you know that I’m not fond of listening to music via Radio. Love my iPhone with all my music and lately, I’ve been listening to  2Pac’s “All Eyez on Me.” It has to be my favorite Tupac album. It was one of the first CD’s me and my brothers had. We snuck it on a camping trip and fought over who got to listen to it at night. lol. Good times. It makes me laugh to remember the days when rocking baggy jeans and acting tough was the cool thing to do. No I wasn’t from the streets and No I couldn’t relate to what Tupac rapped about, but his music spoke to my rebellious teenage side. He was a true poet with his lyrics. I appreciated his talent and I still do.

Movie Monday: Musicals

I’m trying something new to help me focus on my blog: Daily Themes. Today is Movie Monday! This is when I’ll have movie reviews or talk about great movies that I’ve watched, like these:

The Wizard of Oz

The Sound of Music

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Mary Poppins

Remember these great classics?? I do! I loved watching these Movie Musicals when I was growing up.  They just don’t make them the same anymore.  The actors were all so talented and the music was great. Now a days, the focus is on those big theatrical movies with the latest and greatest special effects.  Not saying I don’t enjoy those too, but it’s hard to find Good movies that aren’t animated to take your kids to. Most of the good Movies that had singing were mainly for adults (Chicago and Nine) and most of the Musicals these days don’t really turn out that well.

But who doesn’t love Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz?” And I’m sure we all thought that “.. a spoon full of sugar…” with medicine was a great idea! And how about that awesome word: supercalafragilisticexpalidous(close enough!) There was no going wrong with a movie about candy in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” OK, granted, Johnny Depp’s version turned it from sweet to weird. Some things should just be left as it is. I learned “do re me fa so la ti do” from “Sound of Music.” Besides the great songs, it was based on a true story.

These movies remind me of simpler, happy times with my brothers and sister growing up. We’d laugh and sing along. I wanted to share that happiness with my boys.  They’ve seen all of these movies and Love them all. Willy Wonka is at the top of the list, but they watched Mary Poppins over and over again too. Their favorite characters are Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion. They laugh at all the tricks the kids play in Sound of Music and love that my name is in the movie. I hope these movies will stay with them, as they’ve stayed with me.