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Hooked on Hautelook

The Best Place for Saving on Name Brands

I signed up for Hautelook a year ago because Stila Cosmetics  had an event, and now I’m hooked!! It is so addictive! How can you pass up deals of 50% or more off on Name Brands? I know I can’t :-) It is just too hard to look on the site and NOT want to get something. And they have pretty much Everything! Clothes, Shoes, Makeup, Getaways, Jewelry, Watches, and more!! And not just for us girls. They have something for everyone. I am always checking to see if they have my favorite brands on their site. Most of the time I save more than I spend.

So far I’ve gotten:

Makeup from Stila, Urban Decay, and Too Faced Cosmetics

Urban Decay Haul from Hautelook

Clothes from Hype, So Low, Romeo & Juliet and Harajuku Lovers

I love Rompers

Workout clothes from Marika, New Balance and Nux

Marika Workout Clothes :-)

Marika Clothes

More Workout Clothes.

Trunki Suticases

Got these for my boys :-)

Big Box for the Trunkis

Boys were so excited to open the box.


Michael Todd Cosmetics Face Masks (3 different ones)

Michael Todd Cosmetics

3 LuLu Handbags

2 pairs of City Slips

Sketcher ToneUps

Fergie Boots


And probably more that I’m forgetting. Lol.

They have So Many Name Brands and area always adding new brands.

How It Works:

The best way to make sure you score a great deal in your size – Shop Early. Events start at 8a and only last for a few days.

You have 15 minutes to checkout and pay for items in your cart. I recommend looking through the sales to see what you like and then add to your cart.

On the weekends they have BlowOuts and you can save even more. Again, shop early because things go fast!

When ordering from different brands, your items will ship separately but you are only charged once for shipping.

They also have Great Customer Service. I received an item that was damaged and all it took was a phone call and they refunded me my money right away. No questions asked or forms to fill out. The lady on the phone was very polite and professional.

Most things are returnable. Not much is exchangeable because they have limited stock on their merchandise so there’s no guarantee your item will be avavilable for exchange. But they make it easy to see if you can return an item.

It does take a little longer to get to you.  About 10-14 business days.

If you love name brands and saving money, Hautelook is for you!! My biggest problem is restraining myself. Lol.

Happy Shopping!!

Make sure you check them out on:

They always have giveaways and specials on their Facebook page :-)

You can also find them on

First Haul from HauteLook.com

Brand names at discounted prices? Over a 50% discount?  Yep! You can find them on HauteLook.com. I’ve heard of them for a while but it wasn’t until one of my favorite cosmetics company – Stila – teamed up with HauteLook for an event. I couldn’t pass up getting some great Stila products for such great prices. I picked up a Lip Rouge, two 24k Lip Glosses, and a Bronzing Tinted Moisturizer.

The Lip Rouge (Smooch) was only $5.99 – originally sold for $20 on StilaCosmetics.com

24K Lip Glosses were $6.99 – originally $25 on StilaCosmetics.com It’s even cheaper than the sale price of $10 on Stila’s site!

Bronzing Tinted Moisturizer was $12.99 – originally $32 on StilaCosmetics.com

Talk about Awesome Savings!!!

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I also picked up two Hype Girls Dresses for $19.99 each. Yes, I am small enough to fit in Girls clothes.

HauteLook let’s you know when your items will arrive and whether or not they are returnable.  Most items will arrive  in 10-14 days. It’s only about a week longer than when I order straight from Stila  and it’s well worth the wait. One thing I want to point out is that when you place an item in your cart, you have 15 min to check out or else it gets put back for others to have a chance at it. But while the item is in your cart it’s on hold for the 15 min. So I suggest looking first, then add to your cart when you decide what you want. But don’t take too long. Things tend to go quick!

The events only last a few days so you have to make sure to get on at the beginning for the best choices.  I am constantly looking to see if and when my favorite brands will be on HauteLook. I’ve already placed three more orders for Urban Decay, Harajuku Lovers, and Michael Todd. I am officially hooked on HauteLook!! It’s free to sign up so go check them out!! http://www.hautelook.com