“Splice” Movie Review

I’m going to do a recap – so if you don’t want to know what happens – don’t read. This movie stood out – and not in a good way.  We watched it last night. I was actually really looking forward to seeing it. From the previews it looked like an interesting sci-fi movie. I really didn’t know what to expect – and most of the time that’s a good thing.  Sometimes when you have expectations going into a movie, it tends to be disappointing.  I hadn’t seen the previews for a while but from what I remembered, it looked like someone creates a creature by “splicing” dna from different species. That’s what happens in the beginning of the movie, but it didn’t take long for it to get strange.

Adrian Brody and Sarah Polley are the two main actors and characters for this movie.  They are two scientist (and also a couple) who are working on some ground breaking research for some big company.  They create new creatures by splicing dna from several species and they wind up having some medical benefits. Clive (Adrain Brody) and Elsa (Sarah Polley) are very enthusiastic about their work and are very excited that things are going so well.  Elsa wants to take their research to the next level by adding human dna, but the company orders them to stop their research and focus on isolating the gene that has medical benefits from the two previous creatures they created (Fred & Ginger). First of all – Fred and Ginger look like some giant slug/worm creatures. Kinda makes me wonder what they were “splicing” together (the movie doesnt get into details about what species are being used).

Ok so Elsa is the one who starts all the chaos.  You can tell right away that she controls the relationship between her and Clive.  She wants to continue with the research anyways even though Clive has major doubts. For some reason she is obsessed with successfully splicing human dna with other species.  She tells Clive that the dna donor for the human species is a Jane Doe – in truth it’s her dna.  After pulling an all nighter, they are successful.  Clive wants to just store it away, but Elsa decides to put it in some lab created uterus. Clive really doesn’t want to do it, but doesn’t stop the process in time.  It doesnt take long for things to go wrong. They have to deliver the fetus early and Elsa gets attacked by the fetus.  Clive wants to kill it, but Elsa starts stops him.  The “baby” looks like a rat/hamster. It has a tail with a poisonous spike.  Elsa starts treating it like her own child and spends a lot of time teaching it. There is something going on genetically that makes the creature grow and age fast.  In no time it looks like a 5 year old – then a teenager, then a young adult.

Meanwhile, their first two creatures are debuted at some big conference. They were so busy with Dren that they didn’t realize that something had happened to Ginger.  Instead of showing the audience, a new species mating, the creatures attack each other and have a bloody brawl inside their glass enclosure which happens to crash and shatter splashing blood on the people in the front row. Disgusting!! Apparently, Ginger turned into a male and that’s what happens when two males get caged together. Now there is even more pressure for them to find the special gene.

As the movie goes on, it just got weirder and just plain twisted.  They have to take the creature, which Elsa has named Dren (Nerd backwards), to a farm that Elsa’s mother use to own.  You kinda get an idea that Elsa’s childhood wasn’t peaches and rainbows. Clive starts to warm up to Dren.  By this time, Dren is pretty much full grown, but has a mind of a teenager.  She is smart, even though she can’t speak. They kinda give you an idea that she has some sort of telepathic ability. She has a crush on Clive and gets aggressive towards Elsa. After killing a cat and attacking Elsa, she gets her tail cut off (by Elsa). It grows back somehow. Clive feels sorry for her and for some reason has sex with her. The sex scene is just ridiculous with Dren’s wings opening up like butterfly wings. Elsa walks in on them.  She runs off and Clive finds her back at their apartment.  They realize they’ve made a mistake and I guess Elsa gets over what Clive did. The return to the farm to find Dren is dying. They bury her. Elsa is heartbroken. Clive looks a little relieved. His brother shows up with their boss – their secret is blown. Elsa used Dren’s dna to discover the gene containing the protein they had been looking for. It was obvious that human dna was involved. In fact, it had produced an even stronger chemical. While they are getting yelled at, something grabs their boss and throws him in a tree. It’s Dren. She didn’t actually die, she just turned into a male. It attacks Clive’s brother and chases Elsa and Clive around the farm. After pulling Clive into freezing water, it pins down Elsa and rapes her. Clive comes from behind and stabs it but it winds up stinging him and kills him.  Elsa winds up crushing it’s head with a rock.  She winds up pregnant, and the company is paying her to keep the baby to continue the research.

All I have to say is – WTF? I seriously hope they don’t make another one. I think it was just a little too weird and out there. I didn’t like it at all. Who comes up with this stuff? It seriously bothered me.  I really hope that we are not doing this kind of stuff for real. I am not a super religious person, but there are just some things you leave alone. It’s like they’re playing God by creating those creatures. Obviously they weren’t doing it right. It’s one of those movies that make no sense at all to me. If you’re looking for a mind bending, dark sci-fi, and completely different kind of movie – then you should watch this. It just wasn’t my kind of sci-fi movie.

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