Last night, we had the news on. It was more for background noise while we wrapped up the night. We hardly ever watch the news. But it came on after Idol so we just left it on. I guess I just don’t get the point.  To keep us up to date on current events? Does it really help us? I personally think it’s pointless and depressing.

When the news comes on it’s mostly bad news. I’ll use last night as an example. During Idol, there were commercials about the upcoming  stories: It was about a search for a missing 4 year old boy winding up at some canal. It was followed by a clip of a big meeting in a community dealing with school closures.

Ok, so I understand the search for the missing boy story was to help find him.  Get the word out, have people aware of the car and the suspect so hopefully someone can help get the boy home. I have nothing against that. I just had this feeling while I was watching the news, that it wasn’t only to help find the boy. The boy wasn’t in the canal – so why make it sound like that in the advertising? Let’s see… could it have anything to do ratings?? If the search for a missing boy doesn’t get to stop and listen, maybe the story about a community where several schools may be closed will get you to watch. Of course, they don’t mention what community so hey it could be yours.

Watching the story about the schools, just made me angry. Someone seriously wants to close 3 of the best schools to help offset another budget cut in education. Who comes up with these solutions?? I really didn’t pay attention to anything else after that story. It didn’t sound like it was anything more uplifting. In between stories, the weather guy was telling you that he would soon be giving you the forecast.

Do we really need someone to tell us about the weather? And how right are they? The one thing I can see the news being useful for is traffic.  But even that you don’t need to watch the news for anymore. You can get current events, weather, and traffic online now a days. And you can pick what you want to read about – instead of listening to whatever a network wants to put in front of you.  To me, there’s no point in watching the news.

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