Get Your Shoe Fix!

From My Personalized Boutique: Bethany

Attention fellow Shoe Addicts!! There is a great and easy way to feed our addiction: JustFabulous Shoes. I was on Facebook a couple of weeks ago and saw a really cute pair of shoes on the sidebar where all the advertisements are. I usually don’t click on those side links, but these were really cute shoes and for $39.95, I had to check them out.  After making sure that I wasn’t going to be charged just to sign up or that I was going to get spammed, I decided to give it a try. I  answered some questions about my style preferences and  a minute later  I had 6 personalized selections. There was even a “shoe therapy” section that had a few more selections for me to choose from in case I didn’t like any of the six. I couldn’t decide on what to get because there were several that I wanted.  I checked back about a week later and some of the ones I wanted, were sold out.  What I love is that they also have “Sold Out Solutions” where they replace any of the 6 selections if they sell out in your size. How awesome is that?? If there is absolutely nothing you like, you have the option of getting new selections sent to you or skipping that month.

I skipped my first month because the shoes I wanted were sold out and it was only a few days before my next selections were going to be sent anyway. But after I skipped, I found two pairs under their “Haute List” and “Featured Styles” sections that I just had to have.

The Red Lorelei’s:

The Black Cassidy’s:

Even if you skip ,you can still place an order any time.  I absolutely fell in love with the Lorelei’s and couldn’t resist the Cassidys so I ordered both. A week later however, I received a call saying that there had been a problem with their systems when I placed my order and both pairs were sold out. I was really bummed, but the Customer Service was very friendly and I wasn’t charged for the shoes so I didn’t complain. I knew I would find more great shoes from them. My new selections came in and I had more shoes to choose from. Again it was hard for me to decide.

I finally decided on the Bethany wedge.  I really liked the mixed print on the straps.  These are going to be great for the Spring and Summer to play up casual outfits. I look forward to wearing them with shorts or a jumper. The wedged heel is going to make them more comfortable to walk in.

Here are the pictures I took of them:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This time around, no problems. I got a shipment email a couple of days after placing the order, and a couple of days after that my new shoes were at my door. So far, I am a very happy customer. I know that there are several online companies that do the same thing, but since I’ve  found JustFabulous first and have had no problems, I’m sticking with them. Their website is very easy to navigate and you can easily track your orders. I also love how there was a Thank You note and a shoe bag with my shoes. They also have a BagFabulous section for those who love bags or just want to find a bag to go with the fabulous shoes you just ordered.  I highly recommend JustFabulous to all my fellow shoeaholics. If you can afford it, get all the pairs you like, but if you’re on a budget like me, you can easily set aside $39.95 a month to get one pair of great shoes.

A little info: You can find all of this on their website, but I thought I’d highlight a few points:

*It’s free to sign up and receive personalized shoe/bag selections.

*You will not be charged until you place your first order.

*After your first order, you must decide to either get new selections or skip by the 5th of every month to prevent being automatically billed $39.95.

*They have a rewards program that gets you a Free pair of shoes after reaching 100 points (You get 20 points per bag or pair of shoes you buy)

*Returns and Exchanges are free.

Happy Shoe Shopping!!

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