Haters. Why do we use that word? Is it because they actually “hate?” I’m sure some do, but I think most are just Critics. You know what they say – “Everyone’s a Critic” – and it’s true. We all criticize or “hate” on something. I don’t why we do it though. Why the hell do we care so much about what someone else is doing that we feel compelled to “hate” on them?  Yes, we are all entitled to our opinions. But do we really need to be so concerned about what other people are doing? I think jealousy has a lot to do with it.

We see someone who is better looking, has a little more money than us, or has something we wish we had, and we just have to find something about them to “hate.”  They probably got plastic surgery to get that good looking.  They probably did something low to get all that money or waste their money on materialistic things.  So? Who cares? Why care? Why judge?  How does what they do really affect you? What gives you the right to judge anyway? Yeah, so you don’t agree with their choices. Fine. Have your opinion and move on!

And remember – it’s your opinion and no one else has to agree with you. Don’t try to impose your opinions and spread your “hate.” I wonder what the world would be like if we all just minded our own damn business and focused on our own happiness. I think it it would nice if we were happy that someone else is doing well or blessed.

Hey, I’m just as guilty as the next person of being a hater. Lol. But after all that’s going on with the world these days, it just seems like a complete waste of energy. I accept that I am not a super model and that I am not a billionaire. Good for those people who are gorgeous and rich. None of us are perfect so no one has the right to judge.

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