If the World Ended Tomorrow

Today was a crazy weather day. Tornado warnings for the bay area?? WTH? I watched as the rain poured down and created a white sheet that we could barely see through.  The wind blew the rain around so having an umbrella was pointless. I couldn’t help but think that Earth, or some higher power was angry.  I thought about the earthquake and tsunami that was affecting Japan and the rest of the world.

It seems like so many bad things have been happening lately – doesn’t it? We’ve all heard the theory that the end of world would be in 2012. For the most part, I’ve just shrugged this off as hype, like Y2K.  I guess it was just hard to accept that everything could just end all of the sudden. Lately, I’ve been reminded just how short our time is. So, if the world ended tomorrow……

If the world ended tomorrow, I would be happy with the life I’ve lived. We tend to focus on the bad, but I think that in the end, we would all remember the good. My life wasn’t perfect, but I had alot of great experiences. I have a loving family and great friends. I made mistakes but I learned from them . I’ve laughed. I’ve cried because I was sad, happy, and mad. My heart has been broken and mended. I’ve experienced lost and I’ve made new friends. I may not have everything that I want, but I have everything I need. My dream has come true – to be with the man that I love and have a beautiful family. Nothing else really matters.

If the world ended tomorrow, I would want to be with Ben and our sons. As long as we’re all together, I know we’ll be ok. And who knows maybe we’ll be lucky to survive the end of the world.  I hope that people realize what’s important whether the end is tomorrow or next year or millions of years from now.

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