Day 1: TIU 7 Day Slim Down

Whew!! I made it through the first day! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It’s probably because I was already eating and exercising pretty much the same way – granted not as intense. I was hesitant to start today. I kept wanting to putt off like I have been for the last couple weeks.  Thanks to the wonderful TIU community, I was motivated to Do It. and I’m glad.

Here are my Before Measurements and Pic:

Bust: 32in

Waist: 28in:-(

Hipes: 35in

Weight: 118 lbs (I’ve already lost 4 lbs just from following their tips before getting the Nutritional Plan)

I’m not so concerned with my legs. I’ve always liked having athletic legs. I just want them toned.  As you can see from the Before pic, my problem area is my tummy :-( That’s what happens when you spend two years being pregnant and 4 years Not exercising and eating right. I’m not too bad, but my body is Not where I would like it to be. I’m doing the Slim Down to help jump-start my fitness goals.

Day 1 Workouts:

3 mile BootyCall run

30 min HIIT on the Elliptical

Tone and Sculpt Combo Workout (3 Sets)

15 Leg Raises

15 Side Plank crunches

15 Tummy Tucks

15 Bicycle crunches

15 Waistline Toners

Check out my YouTube Video for Day 1:

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