Day 2: TIU 7 Day Slim Down

Last night I planned on going to bed at 10p, but somehow I got carried away with doing dishes, cleaning the living room, and checking bills that I didn’t get to bed until midnight :-( I still woke up early to do my bootycall run, and Yes, it was hard to get up and I felt sluggish on my run. I was able to pick up speed and got some energy after a few minutes. By the time I was done with my 3 miles, I was awake and ready for my day to start.

Breakfast was The Slim Down Pancake. I had to modify it because I didn’t have the Brown Rice Protein Powder. I used my Whey Protein Powder instead. I’m not sure if that’s ok or not, but it’s what I had. It wasn’t too bad. I managed to make it without it falling apart :-) I wasn’t sure if I was suppose to use syrup so I just sprinkled some stevia on top. It turned out to be a big pancake and I couldn’t finish it.

I went to the grocery store and picked up some grapefruit for my morning snacks. I’ve never really tried grapefruit before. My mother use to eat a lot when I was a kid and it never really appealed to me.  I sprinkled some stevia on top and really enjoyed it. My 5 yr old tried it out too and I had to fight him for the last piece. lol. Lunch and Dinner was the same as Yesterday.

My workout for today: 30 min HIIT on the Bike. So hard today. I think my legs were worn out from yesterday. I followed it with the Itty Bitty and Lean Abs Pyramid. My abs are definitely feeling it.

Check out my video for Day 2:

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