Day 3: TIU 7 Day Slim Down

Day 3 was a day for improvising.  My husband’s schedule for work on Sundays leaves me with the boys pretty much all day. I did get in my 30 min bootycall – my usual 3 mile run.  What I was brainstorming on was how to fit in a my second cardio session and a workout with the boys.  I would have loved to go for a run with them while they rode their bikes, but my youngest doesn’t go very fast right now.  He is still getting use to riding his bigger bike.

My first thought was to turn on the OnDemand and do a few of the workouts.  There’s always something for cardio and total body workouts, and there’s so many to choose from. I figured I had my problem solved, but when I went to turn the tv on, it was blank.  My cable box acts up a lot and of course it had to act up when I needed to use it for something besides wasting brain cells.

So I pulled out the Your Shape and EA Active 2 for the Kinect. I use to work out with these two a lot, but for some reason just got bored.  For my cardio, I did the Your Shape for 40 min. There was a cardio routine and a cardio boxing routine that I did. For a total body workout, I put in EA Active 2. This can be really challenging if you use weights and do the moves correctly. I spent an hour doing the Total Body workout.  Gio joined in and did a pretty good job of keeping up. I know I wore him out which worked out because he has school in the morning.

Meals were pretty much the same as Day 2:

M1: Slim Down Pancake

M2: 1/2 Grapefruit with Stevia

M3: Salad: Spinach, Cucumbers, carrots, and Trader Joe’s Chili Lime Chicken Burger Patty. The Chicken Patty was all natural :-) And tasted pretty good.

M4: Veggies with Hummus. Not my favorite meal, but it wasn’t too bad. I ate mostly carrots and celery. I had a few pieces of broccoli too but I just don’t like broccoli raw. I need it at least steamed.

M5: Tofu with broccoli and green beans. Not my favorite way to have tofu but I ate it.

Dinner for Day 3

I realized today that the biggest challenge to the Slim Down is the mental toughness.  I had a lot of temptations around me with the boys eating cookies and Ben having popcorn.  It took a lot of will power and telling myself “not today.” It makes it seem like I’ll get to have some of that stuff one day soon. It also had me thinking of how to make healthy and yummy  versions of desserts. I am really proud of myself for not having any of it. You have to commit to the slim down, physically, mentally, and emotionally. No negativity and lots of motivation :-)

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