Day 5: TIU 7 Day Slim Down

Day 5: Well it was another tough day today. No headaches, so I’m pretty sure that yesterday’s was due to being up so early. The toughest part about this Slim Down is the discipline to eat pretty much the same thing the whole time. When I do it again, I will plan my meals out ahead of time so I can get some variety. I am the type of person that can’t eat the same thing over and over.

I am frustrated that I can’t have the things I want.  Yes, it would be easy to just quit, but I don’t want to. I want to do the whole 7 days so I am staying focused. But I’m not happy about it. lol.

Today’s food was pretty much the same as yesterdays – probably why I wasn’t too thrilled. Slim Down Scramble with no sea salt wasn’t as good for me.  I have come to love grapefruit though. I look forward to it :-) Lunch didn’t go too well. I had Tofu with spinach, green beans, and cucumbers. I am definitely over the lunch time salads. I couldn’t eat it all. I added some extra greens to my dinner – Chicken seasoned with Balsamic Vinegar (No Salt).

I was up at 6a for my bootycall – much better than 4a :-) Did a fast pace 40 min walk. Then, I walked my son to school, walked home and walked to pick him. Did I mention that there is big hill that we have to walk up and down both ways to get to his school??  I am really proud of my boy for walking to and from school today. He was pretty tired on the way home – and so was I. For snack time, I made him a mini fruit salad.  It looked so good: strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and grapes. I wasn’t sure if it was ok for me to have some, so I stuck to having an apple.

For my second cardio session, I hit the gym for a 30 min HIIT workout on the Elliptical. My resting resistance was 5 and  8 for the working resistance. My total body workout was Lean Legs, Lean Abs, and Lean Arms Pyramids. I ended it with the new workout for the booty, lower abs, and love handles :

I did 3 sets with 10 reps of each exercise. My booty is definitely feeling it. I want to do it again tomorrow when I do my usual booty workout.

I love the pyramids. You work up to a high intensity – almost maxing out – then you come back and down. My whole body is sore :-)  Only  two more days to go. Hanging in there.

*My YouTube video above has all the links to Tone It Up :-)

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