Tone It Up! Why? What? Who? and How?

I really appreciate all the feedback and responses to my Tone It Up 7 Day Slim Down posts. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Tone It Up from those who haven’t heard about it yet. I wanted to share the reasons Why I joined the Tone It Up team and why I love it so much.

So this is for all you Ladies out there (especially you Moms) who have been struggling to get in shape and healthy – just like me. After having Seppe, I was definitely not happy with the effects that pregnancy had on my body. I didn’t even have much time after having Gio to get in shape before getting pregnant with Seppe. They are 16 months apart. I pretty much spent two years, 2004-2006,  being pregnant :-( And it took its toll on me physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Why Tone It Up?

Seppe is now 4.5 years old. I’ve spent those years trying to find quick solutions to losing weight, magic pills that promised to flatten my tummy, roller coasting with working out and not, getting depressed because I didn’t. Nothing I tried worked for me. I considered plastic surgery but I didn’t to spend that much money and it scared me.  When I found Tone It Up online, I was immediately impressed. Tone It Up is NOT a diet.  It is a Lifestyle. There is no quick solution. You have to put in the work and make changes.

I swore that I would never give up white rice and that I could just eat whatever I wanted in smaller portions. I learned that I had to Change the way I thought about Health and Fitness. The Tone It Up Lifestyle requires you to make the decision to put your Health First. If you are closed-minded to trying something new and learning what is healthy and what isn’t, Tone It Up is not for you.

It doesn’t mean that you can Never eat your favorite not so healthy food. The Tone It Up Lifestyle, allows for slip ups and cheats :-) The healthy recipes they have actually taste amazing. Plus through them, I found Jane of Eye It Try It  and Grace of  MomInModeration who have even more great healthy recipes.

The workouts are challenging but not so hard that I can not even think about working out again. They have so many to choose from and come up with new ones that keep workouts interesting. I was not pressured to get their DVD or their Nutrition Plan.

What is Tone It Up Nutrition Plan and the Slim Down?

I wanted to get the Nutrition Plan but couldn’t afford it right away, so I saved up until I could. It is definitely worth the investment, and isn’t all that expensive compared to all those other diet gimmicks out there. A one time payment of $149.99 gets you a Lifetime membership to all the updates, recipes, and tips. Their Nutrition Plan – what some may call a diet –  is a guide that has specifics on When to eat What kinds of foods. It has healthy recipes, and workouts.  There are different plans to match specific diet needs: Vegan, Gluten Free, and a new Pescatarian plan.

The 7 Day Slim Down is included with the Nutrition Plan. It’s a strict version of the plan that helps jump-start your fitness goals or get you toned and lean for a special event, like a wedding :-)

Who is Tone It Up?

It was started by two amazing and beautiful women, Karena and Katrina who wanted to share their love for Fitness and Healthy Living. They are certified in pretty much everything related to Fitness.  These girls never intimidated me with their workouts and I never felt badly about myself even though they are in way better shape than me. They inspire me. To find out more about these two check out this article from their blog:

How to be a part of Tone It Up:

It’s simple!!! Just go to their website: :-) You can sign up for their free weekly newsletter to get the latest tips, recipes, and workouts. Join the community – it’s free! You don’t have to get the plan to be a part of the community. Everyone can be a part of it. There are groups you can join to find others with similar interests and goals.  It’s a great place for support, motivation, and inspiration.

Just because I couldn’t afford the plan when I first discovered Tone It Up it didn’t stop me from following the tips from their site. I started by making sure to eat 5 – 6 meals a day and working out almost every day with the Bikini Challenge Series (which you can still follow). I learned about eating Clean, Lean and Green. I lost 2 lbs in the first week :-)

I hope this helps those of you who are curious about Tone It Up. I used  having kids and my kids in general as excuses to not workout. I would always say “I’ll start tomorrow.” Stop making excuses and Do It! You owe it to yourself.

My Favorite Workouts:

Bikini Strap Workout:

Bikini Body SELF Magazine Workout:

Sand Castle:

New Foods I Love:

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