My Kryptonite

Ugh!! Today was not the best for me…. Candy is my Kryptonite… and it definitely beat me today. I’ve been really really good about finding alternatives to curb my sweet tooth since I started my healthier LifeStyle.  I LOVE candy. I always have.  What’s not to love? It’s sweet and look at how colorful it all is:

How can anyone Not be tempted??  I take pride in overcoming temptations, but not today :-(  On the two hour drive home with my boys, there was an open bag of Tootsie Pops sitting in the passenger seat.  Grandma had gotten it for the boys and sent it home with them.  Not buying any candy has really helped me battle my sweet tooth, but it was just sitting right there… Bright red and orange.  I was tired from driving (I had already spent two hours driving to pick the boys up). I KNEW the sugar from the candy wasn’t really going to do much good in keeping me awake. In fact I knew I would probably crash from it, but I guess I was just too tired to fight it.

I had 2.  I think just having it in my hand helped a little bit with keeping me alert.  I enjoyed it. It just reminded me of how much I LOVE that sweet sugary stuff that is just absolutely horrible for you. lol.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a place just like the Chocolate Room in the Willy Wonka movie? That would have been heaven for me when I was kid… ok … it’d be heaven for me now too. Hahaha.

And it’s that time of year when there is going to be lots of candy around.  Halloween and the Holidays…. I am kind of dreading it.  My boys are so excited to go trick or treating.  They get so much candy and the last few years I’ve been the one who winds up eating most of it. lol.  Luckily Seppe isn’t too much of a fan so I can toss out most of his.  Gio on the other hand is just like his mamma :-) I think I’ll just have to toss out a few of them at a time so he doesn’t notice.

I’m not too bent out of shape about my slip up today, but I can feel the effects of having that junk in my system.  My body feels sluggish.  I don’t feel Healthy.  So it will be a cleansing and detoxing day for me tomorrow with lots of greens.

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