SlimDown Day 2

Today was pretty good. I did have a few cravings here and there but I’d just go and drink some water. I’m really glad that I planned out my meals this time around.  Being organized has really made it easier for me to stick to the slim down. And I think that since I follow the Nutritional Plan, it’s not such a drastic change from how I do things normally.  It definitely feels easier this time… at least for now :-)

My Meals:

M1: SlimDown Protein Pancake – I got some Brown Rice protein powder and although I don’t like it, I am sticking with it for the slim down.  It might just be I’m not getting a good brand but so far it’s just been too chalky for me.  The pancake did taste pretty good though :-)

SlimDown Protein Pancake Topped with Blueberries and sprinkled w/ Stevia

M2: 1/2 grapefruit with stevia – gave the other half to my son who loves it :-)

M3: Salad with Salmon, spinach, cucumbers, snap peas, and carrots. Balsamic Vinegar for dressing and half of a mango on the side (shared the other half with my son again).

Meal 3: Salmon Spinach Salad

M4: Luna Lemon Zest Bar. I decided to stay away from anything with chocolate while on the slim down.  I planned on having the protein shake but I wound up on the go for Meal 4 and I was glad to have a Luna bar in my purse :-)

M5: Tofu, green beans, and snap peas seasoned with sea salt. I am loving Snap peas right now so I’ve been adding it to everything :-)

Meal 5: Tofu and Green Veggies seasoned with Sea Salt


3 Mile run – Didn’t go as fast as I usually go. I think I was tired from yesterday’s workouts.  I still felt pretty good during the run though. 30 min HIIT workout on the bike at the gym for my second cardio session.  Hump Day is when I like to work on my booty and along with TIU’s 200 bootylifter challenge for today, my booty got worked! I did TIU’s One Day Fat Blast workout 2 – focusing on abs and booty.  I ended with Pop Pilates Hot Abs and Cinch That Waist X 3 sets. I switched off between the two – I did one workout then the next and that was a set.

Drank 110 oz. of water today  :-) I’m really happy that I’m keeping up with my goals that I’ve set for myself for the slim down. Having these goals helps keep me focused.

*Drink 100 oz. of water every day.

*Run at least 3 miles every day.

*Do 2 Ab workouts every day.

Ready for Day 3!

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