Slim Down Day 7

I made it!!! And this time I didn’t cheat once.  Not even one bite :-) I even survived Halloween and all the sugary craziness around me.  That is such a big difference for me.  Last year, I would have thought it impossible for me to walk away from sugary sweets at a party and on Halloween. I have had a sweet tooth ALL my life and it has been the hardest challenge for me with my new lifestyle.  But now, I know that I can stay away from all that candy.  Not saying that I’ll never have  another piece ever, but I am happy that I am overcoming my bad habit.  That is probably what I am most proud of from the Slim Down.

Today was great.  I felt great the whole day.  Since I was not able to go out for my morning cardio, I popped in P90X CardioX.  I really like it because it has so many different moves from yoga to plyometrics.  I didn’t feel tired at all.  I took the boys to the mall for some last minute Halloween shopping and walked the length of the mall twice.  For my second cardio session I went for 3 mile run since Ben was home from work.  I had a good run.  It was very windy on the way out so it felt like I was in slow motion but I didn’t mind because it kept me cool.  Since it was Halloween, we went trick or treating with the boys.  We got through 3 courts and then walked back home.  I tripped and pulled something in my right knee so it looks like I’ll be taking a break from running :-( I was going to give my knees a break anyways after the slim down.

Meals: Did not feel hungry at all and stuck to the slim down. Subbed steamed snap peas for the asparagus at dinner.  Of course I would forget to pick some up when I went to the store this morning, right? lol.

M1: Grapefruit with stevia.

M2: Slim Down Smoothie.

M3: Lean and Green Salad with Spinach, tilapia, carrots, and cucumbers.

M4; 1/2 cup of berries: blueberries, raspberries, and 2 small strawberries.

M5: Left over lemon pepper chicken with steamed snap peas.

70 oz. water,  30 oz. of green tea, and a Zico.

I will take measurements and weigh myself tomorrow. I am really looking forward to the results.  I can tell that I have toned up a bit.  I don’t think I have a pair of jeans that fit me anymore.  I feel stronger and healthier.

There is definitely a difference between the first time I did the Slim Down in August  and this time around.  I physically could not run every day back then.  My legs were not strong enough and I would have had shin splints like crazy.  I remember taking it easy and not pushing myself because I was worried that I would get hurt. Drinking the required amount of water was such a challenge and I would do little cheats by taking bites of food from my boys.  Planning and being organized with my meals and workouts really really helped me stay on track.  That is the one advice I would give to anyone who is thinking of doing the Slim Down.  This time around, it felt like it went by faster. Most likely because it wasn’t such a chore :-) I am glad that it’s over though. I want to get back to my smoothies and try out some new protein pancakes.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween.  Here’s me in my Halloween Costume:

Panda costume: Shorts and shirt were mine (along with boots). Bought, Vest, ears, paws, tights and fur boot covers.

Mamma Panda, Power Ranger Samurai Red Ranger, and Werewolf

Hulk and Mamma Panda

One thought on “Slim Down Day 7

  1. Great costumes! Congrats on overcoming your sweet tooth roadblock and finding your true inner strength. Keep up the great work!!

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