December Goals

Set Your Goals!

I love setting goals for myself.  It has really been the key to keeping me motivated to stay on track especially with my workouts.  I have long term goals, monthly, weekly, and daily goals I set for myself. I work better when I have something to work towards.

It’s that time of year when it’s a little bit harder to stay healthy and fit.  It’s a hectic time for me. I’ve got birthdays and the holidays to deal with. I never have enough time and I feel like I am always in a hurry.  I can get overwhelmed with all that I have to do and get stressed out. In the past, I would have just thrown out any hope of working out and eating healthy. But I don’t want to do that this year. I really want o stay on track with Nutrition Plan and continue to workout.

So I’m hoping that my recent practice with goal setting will help me out. I’ve done two 5K races and reached both personal goals on my time. A lot of my fellow Tone It Up team members have set up a challenge to run every day this month. I would have joined them but I knew that my schedule wouldn’t allow it.  I am currently finishing up my goal of completing a Jillian Michael’s workout DVD (Ripped in 30) – will have a post on my experience up soon. After looking over my new TIU calendar and my schedule for this month, I came up with two new  goals to focus for December:

1. Drink 100 oz. of water Every Day! This might seem like a pretty easy thing to accomplish, but for me, this is a big challenge. My Vegas trip threw me out of whack with staying hydrated and I have had a very hard time drinking enough water. So I’m hoping this gets me back on track and helps keep me from over eating during the holidays :-)

2. Lift Weights at Least Twice a Week! Now that I’ve pretty much reached my goal weight, I’ve decided that I wanted to put on some muscle, especially on my arms. I was lifting once a week with Ben.  We have one day a week where both boys are at school and he’s off of work so we can workout together.  I was shy about lifting because I don’t have much muscle and I was ignorant in thinking that weight lifting was going to make me too muscular. From ToneItUp and the many other fitness sources I’ve come across lately, I’ve learned that building muscle helps burn fat and women don’t get bulky like men without supplements. I’ve really come to enjoy lifting weights and want to really focus this month.

I started on Dec. 2nd and will end on Dec. 31st.  I will definitely let you all know how it goes :-)

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