Starting My First Beach Body Challenge

Today I officially started my first BeachBody Challenge.

I’ve been wanting to try a BeachBody Challenge for a while but have been putting it off. Price being the main reason and the fact that I was a little intimidated. Since I joined Tone It Up and started my new Healthy and Fit LifeStyle, I’ve gained the confidence to try a BeachBody Challenge. I met a BeachBody coach, April Anaya via twitter and decided to join her Fitness Challenge.

Beach Body Coach April Anaya

April started her BeachBody journey in 2009. She signed up to be coach to get the discounts. She’s lost 69lbs and has maintained it for over a year. What an inspiration! After her success, she decided to pursue the business side of being a coach to help others with their health and fitness goals. She presented me with her challenge and was very helpful in answering all my questions.

Her challenge has you pick from a bunch of different Beach Body programs. It depends on you and your fitness goals which one you pick. For beginners, she recommends Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs or Brazil Butt Lift.  She tailors her recommendations to your wants and needs.

You can also choose to do a Challenge Pack where you get a program plus a month’s worth of Shakeology. Yes this is more expensive, but you Don’t have to get the challenge pack if you don’t want to.

To Save money, you can sign up to be a coach and get a discount on the programs and challenge packs.  You do not have to become a coach in order to do her challenge.

So Why did I chose to do her challenge? Like I said I’ve wanted to try a BeachBody Challenge for a long time. I felt that I was finally ready to give their programs a shot. I was ready to invest in my health.  April has a great set up for her challenge. It’s a small group of 5 that keep one another accountable. We check in with our workouts and meals and help motivate one another. For more details about her Challenges please check April Out on Twitter: @mommywifey1

I chose to become a coach and take advantage of the discounts too. I also chose to do a Challenge Pack to try out Shakeology. For my program, I chose Turbo Fire since I love HIIT workouts and kickboxing. I probably won’t be doing the business side of being a coach because it’s just not my thing. I will take advantage of the discounts though and get more BeachBody programs once I complete TurboFire :-) I am always looking for new workouts to try out and BeachBody has a lot of variety.

What I got with my Challenge Pack:

TurboFire Program w/ Bonus DVD

30 Day Supply of Chocolate Shakeology

Thin Kitchen Recipe Book


Day 1

My group is suppose to start on Feb. 6th with the Shakeology Cleanse. I decided to start Today because I will be going to Vegas on Tuesday (the 7th) and I wanted to have the cleanse done before I left. I figure the cleanse will be easier to do at home. I will be following the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan while doing this program but incorporating at least 1  Shakeology Shake every day :-)

The Shakeology Cleanse has me drinking 3 Shakeology Shakes, green tea twice a day, lots of water, a lean salad for dinner and two servings of fruit for added calories. I was really worried when I looked over it because it didn’t seem like I’d be getting much to eat. I told myself that it was Only for 3 days and I Can Do It!

For my breakfast shake I added half a frozen banana. I have to say that I was not expecting the shake to be so creamy. I figured it was the banana. It was very chocolaty – but not too sweet. It was very filling. I really wasn’t hungry afterwards. My cravings just came out of bad habit. It has been a struggle all day  to not eat anything else besides what is on the cleanse. I had a cup of grapes for my snack. My lunch Shake had no fruit and it was still very creamy :-) When I got a craving, I’d drink some water. The shakes really do fill you up and I was not hungry. Just a lot of tempting things around from the boys and the hubby :-)

For dinner I had a salad made with spinach, tuna and broccoli slaw. I need to go restock on my veggies.  Instead of having my third shake before dinner, I decided to have it after dinner – kind of like a dessert. I couldn’t finish it all. I got through most of it, but I was honestly Full.

It’s recommended not to do intense workouts during the cleanse. Luckily today is my active rest day. I went for my usual hour long bike ride in the morning. At night I did 20o crunches, 100 pushups and a challenge from Blogilates 100 Chest pulses. I also did a 5 minute plank.

I also went over the Turbo Fire Schedule and planned out my workouts for the coming week. I wanted to see what I’m suppose to do for the first week and make sure that I pack what I need. I am determined to stay on track with this challenge even while I’m in Vegas :-)

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