I Just Don’t Care :-p

Today I’m just in that mood. I Just Dont Care … about anything! I know it probably sounds mean – but guess what? I Don’t Care!! Lol.

Ben’s sick and I could care less. Usually I’m right there waiting on him hand and foot – but today … I don’t care. He can take care of himself.
“You don’t want to go to Sac cuz your sick? Fine. I can go by myself”
“But I want to come help you”
“Really? Seriously just stay home” So now that you’re all sick you Care about helping me out. Please! Lol.

And I definitely Dont care that he just bought a bunch of shoes!! Whoopty doo for him.

Boys are mad at me cuz they don’t get to see their oh so wonderful Grandpa. I don’t care!! Usually I feel all guilty and try to make up for it some way – like a treat. Screw it! Life isn’t fair and they see him plenty.

I don’t care that my house is a mess. I don’t care that I look like crap. I have nothing planned for dinner and I don’t really care to think about it.

I always take care of everyone and everything else first. I try so hard to make the people I love happy because I care so much. But why? Not like they do the same for me.


End Rant :-p

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