My Goal for this Year!


My Big Goal for this year is to run my First Half Marathon!

I would really love to do the Nike Women’s Marathon/Half Marathon this October. It is a Huge race with over 20,000 people expected. Eeeeeks! It’s gotten so popular that they do a lottery for individual spots. There hasn’t been an official date on when registration starts but the date for the race is:

Even registering early right doesn’t guarantee you a spot. I plan on signing up on the first day but just in case I don’t get a spot I’ve signed up to do the Disney Half Marathon in September :-)
I’m doing it with a friend of mine and making it a Girls’ Weekend. If I happen to get a spot in the Nike Women’s event, I will still do it :-) It’ll be about a month and half after the Disney race so I should be ok.

I am so excited and nervous about doing a half marathon. The distance seems so intimidating right now. I have already started training for it. I plan on doing a few smaller races leading up to it to help prep for it :-)

2012 is going to a great year!!!

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