Beach Body Challenge Day7

Got up Friday morning and had a Luna bar and lots of water for breakfast. Fridays are when I usually do a long run, but the Mirage’s Cardio room limits the time on the machines to 30 min. Before heading to the gym, I did a 2 min plank. I decided to do the 5K program again but do 6 sets of 1 min sprints. After the first couple sets, I thought that I’d just stick with running, but I hung in there and kept doing the sprint intervals.


5K Program w/ 6 sets of 1min Sprints

——————————— Turbo Fire Day 5 ———————————–

Fire 55 EZ

I knew I was going to be out for most of the day so I did my Turbo Fire workout when I got back to my hotel room.  On the schedule was Fire 55 EZ Class.  The EZ is deceiving. You think that it’ll be easier, but it’s not. lol.  I did the New to Class option for the breakdowns so it took over an hour to do.  There were long combos that I pretty much forgot after she went through it. Hahaha. But I did have a hang of the workouts and the moves so I did pretty good.  I was a little behind when there were transitions but I was able to catch up.  By the end of it, I was pretty worn out.


I changed my clothes, very happy to be sporting my new Blowfish shoes :-) Since Ben took the car, I had to walk to the Cosmo from the Mirage.  I decided to use my MapMyRun+ app on my phone to see how far of  a walk it would be.  I walked fairly fast and only slowed down when I had to make my way around a group of people. I took the stairs when I had to use the walk ways to cross the street. I actually ran up the stairs. Trying to get in as much exercise as I could :-)

Run Up the Stairs

Run Down the Stairs

Walk From the Mirage to Cosmo

At the Cosmo, Ben and I had brunch at a China Poblano. It had both Chinese and Mexican food.  They had a breakfast menu, but there wasn’t anything that looked or sounded healthy.  The waitress said it was ok for us to order from the lunch menu.  I got a Mushroom and Avocado soft taco.  It was small but very tasty.  We also ordered some Churros and Mexican Hot Cocoa.  The churros were the freshest I’ve ever had. I dipped my churros in the hot cocoa but I didn’t drink the rest. Ben ordered a 20 vegetable fried rice and I took a small sample.  It was really good and since it was the first batch of the day, it was so fresh.  They really did have a ton of veggies in it :-) I ordered a Cherry Aguas Frescas thinking it wouldn’t be too bad, but it was way too sweet.

Mushroom Avocado Soft Taco from China Poblano

Fresh Churros and Mexican Hot Cocoa

Small sample of 20 Vegetable Fried Rice

Cherry Agua Frescas

After that we hung out for a while.  We sat in the chairs inside the Chandlier lounge. Ben was waiting for the shoes he wanted to buy. My friend Malissa was coming over to meet me for lunch and shopping :-) While we were waiting we realized that our phones got No reception – especially inside the Chandilier lounge :-( I was having a hard time texting my friend.  We couldn’t even call one another. I finally had to go outside of the hotel to be able to send and receive messages.  I was a little irritated at this point.  It meant that as long as Ben was inside the hotel, I wouldn’t be able to get a hold of him.

Hung out a lot in the Chandelier Lounge

My friend arrived and we went to Holstein’s for lunch.  It was right next the Chandelier Lounge and neither one of us felt like walking much.  This was a burger and shakes place.  I haven’t had a hamburger since starting the Tone It Up Nutriton Plan last July.  Luckily they did have mini Turkey Burgers that I could eat.  Swapped out the french fries for Sweet potato fries and split a almond coconut milkshake with my friend.  I did not eat all 3 mini burgers or even touch the sweet potato fries. I saved it for Ben to have as a snack while I went shopping.

Mini Turkey Burgers

I took Malissa across the street to Walgreens to kick off our shopping. Why Walgreens? Because they have a really great selection of makeup at decent prices :-) She was looking for lip glosses and I was looking for anything that caught my eye.  I stocked up on more Sally Hansen Salon Effects – the nail polish stickers.  I also found a brand of Gel Nail Polish that didn’t require LED lights to dry. I couldn’t pass up a 24hour CoverGirl LashBlast mascara and their ColorBlast eyeshadows. Yes, Walgreens is a favorite place of mine to shop.

Then we went into the Miracle Mile Shops. Again, I walked the entire thing.  I took Malissa to the place I got my shoes – Wild Pair.  She found some boots that she loved but they didn’t have it in her size :-( I took advantage of their buy a pair of dress shoes and get 25% off your entire purchase.  I got some super cute wedge boots and red leopard print wedge dress shoes. We walked around and browsed through a few stores but we saved our shopping for H&M.  The one inside Miracle Mile is small compared to the one inside Forum Shops. We still found some cute things to buy.

After walking the entire mall, we headed back to the Cosmo and she drove me back to the Mirage. I wanted to put my shopping bags away and had to pick up my laptop for Ben. I had an almond coconut Kind bar for my Meal 4 on the way back to the hotel.  I added a few more layers, grabbed my lap top and walked back to the Cosmo to meet Ben for dinner. It was definitely a lot busier at night. I still walked fast and took the stairs. Might as well work up a sweat right?

When I got there, we had to line up in order to get the shoes.  The thing was we had to wait until Saturday morning to get them O_0. Since Ben couldn’t leave the line without losing his spot, I wound up just picking up snacks at the Walgreens across the street for him to eat.  I had a Luna bar for my dinner and spent most of the night waiting along the wall of the store.  I wasn’t comfortable walking back to the Mirage late at night but I got pretty tired so I decided to go to the car in the garage to try and sleep for a couple hours.  Bad idea… It was so noisy!! I might have dozed off for an hour at the most but I got hot and there was just way to much going on.  I went back up to wait with Ben.

Friday night was entertaining though.  The Marquee Night Club was right next to the shoe store so we got plenty of entertainment. There was even a guy from New York who said he was the Situation’s cousin. We all thought that he was just a little too drunk. lol. Lots of people came up and asked what we were all there waiting for.  The answer was always the same : “Air Jordan 1 Dave Whites.” Most people have no idea what that even is.  I wouldn’t know if it weren’t for Ben.

Oh Thank Goodness for alcohol!! Lol.  The owners of the store came out of club around 3a – Drunk and loud. They opened up their store an let us get the shoes. Originally we would have had to wait until 9a. I was so relieved! We got our two pairs of shoes and headed back to the hotel and went straight to bed.

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