BeachBody Challenge Day19

————————–Turbo Fire Rest Day————————

 Thank goodness it was a Rest Day! I had a very late night last night and had to be up early to help Ben get some super limited shoes. I got two hours of sleep. We had Grandma come to watch the kids but we made it back before they had to get up for school. I could have easily just let Grandma take over and get the boys to school, but I chose to do it myself.  I was trying to keep the boys on their normal routine as much as possible while Grandma was here.  I ate breakfast and I walked Gio to school, walked back home, and then took Seppe to school for his Spring portraits.  Grandma took Seppe out for breakfast and I went back to bed.

I hardly ever take a day where I do absolutely nothing.  I like taking Active Rest days.  I got a few more hours of sleep then got up.  I foam rolled and relaxed for most of the day.  After I picked Gio up from school and helped him with homework, I decided to work out before taking him to his first tball practice of the season :-) My schedule from now is going to be pretty crazy with Both boys in tball.

A friend of mine posted a quick HIIT cardio workout called M-100’s. I decided to give it a try since I was short on time.

(Thanks Shannon for posting this!)

Basically it’s 10 Burpees, 10 Moutnain Climbers (4count), and 10 Squat Jumps 3X with a set of 10 Burpees at the end – which equals 100. It does go by quick and I was breathing hard at the end of it… ok I was breathing hard through most of it. lol. Burpees are just torture but they get the job done. I didn’t go as fast as they did.  I stopped after the squat jumps for 10 seconds to catch my breath before doing the burpees again.

I followed it with two NTC workouts – Better Butt and Core Crunch. These were short 15 minute workouts that focused on the booty and the core.  I’m still pretty sore so it hurt to do pretty much everything – especially in the Better Butt workout. I had a little time left so I do another set of M100’s.  It was harder the second time through. I definitely went slower but I made sure to complete it :-)

Ended with a 2 min plank. My legs are so sore that I could really feel them while I was in plank.


M1 – Chobani Pomegranate with almond butter and granola. Pomegranate is my favorite flavor. Usually the individual sizes are big for me but I’m glad I had it because it was a few hours before I had my snack.

M2: Luna bar – I was hungry after getting up and this helped me not feel so hungry.

M3: Left over Orzo and spinach topped with sautéed chicken, mushrooms and spinach.

Orzo and spinach topped w/ sauteed Chicken, Mushrooms, and Spinach - Sea Salt, Garlic and olive oil for seasoning.

M4: Luna bar – took it to Gio’s tball practice.

M5: Grandma and Grumpy took us out to dinner at Red Robin. I don’t mind this place because I can lettuce wrap any of their burgers and replace the beef patties with Turkey or Veggie patties :-) I ordered the Guacamole Bacon Burger minus the bacon, wrapped in lettuce and with a Turkey patty. Got sweet potato fries with it but I only had a couple bites and didn’t even touch the rest of it.  I was full from my custom Turkey Burger – which I didn’t eat all of either.

Lettuce Wrapped Guacamole Turkey Burger

So now I’m all caught up with my BeachBody Challenge posts! I’m really going to make an effort to do this daily so I don’t have to do some many posts all at once :-)  I leave  you with a little Motivation. A fellow TIU sister tweeted this and I wanted to pass it along: Have Faith and Stay Focused!

Those Who Succeed

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