BeachBody Challenge Day43

Saturday was another family day.  Since the boys T-Ball games got cancelled because of the rainy weather, I decided that we would go with my brother to my Aunt’s house to visit with the rest of my family. It’s always nice to see my Aunt, Grandparents, Dad and Sister.  My aunt prepared a great lunch that was really healthy too :-) I would have liked Ben to have been there, but he wasn’t feeling well so he stayed home.  It did give us more time to spend with my family though because we didn’t have to rush back to get Bent to work like we originally planned.  The boys were fairly well behaved and I enjoyed sitting and talking with everyone :-) My aunt, sister and I talked a little bit about our upcoming Big Sur Race. We’re all excited about it and training hard for it. The boys had a great time and I really want to make an effort to have the them spend more time with my grandpa and my dad. I learned a lot from these two and I hope that my boys can learn from them too.

My boys Love their Grandpa Dan

I did get my workouts in.

Bootycall was  Day17 of MadAbs Mach – 35sec side plank, 35 crunches, and 29 pushups – these was the hardest so far. I did these very slowly at the end. Followed it with a 3 mile run. Thought my brother would join me but he was still sleeping when I went out. lol.

Turbo Fire Day41 – I did Fire45 after getting back from visiting with my family.  The boys were a little worn out so they relaxed in my room with a movie while  I worked out.  I really look forward to doing this workout.  I love the music and the moves. It’s 45 minutes of pure fun for me :-)

Meals – I did alright.  Didn’t get all 5 meals in and I didn’t stay as hydrated as I would have liked. I always slack on my water when I wind up traveling somewhere :-/

M1: Chobani champions with almond butter and chia seeds.

M2: Skipped – I was in a bit of a rush trying to get the boys ready and myself ready to head to my aunt’s in time for lunch.

M3: My aunt made Cream of Broccoli soup but with avocado instead of cream.  It was sooo  good. I also had some tortilla chips with a few of her dips she made. She had a clam, bean, and spinach dip.

Cream of Broccoli - made with avocado instead of cream :-)

Tortilla chips w/ small amounts of dips - Clam, White Bean, and Spinach.

M4: My boys took apart their sandwiches and just ate the turkey inside so I took their pieces of bread and topped it with my aunt’s spinach dip (made with greek yogurt) and put 2 bell peppers on top.

Spinach dip on top of whole wheat bread w/ bell peppers

M5: Salmon and quinoa bowl w/ collard greens, peas, corn, bell peppers and carrots.

Salmon and Quinoa Bowl

60 oz. of water and 1 Zico.

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