Bikini Series Day6-7


May 3, 2014 –

I had a very busy weekend – as usual. Saturday was a bit more hectic with the boys having games at the same time. And of course it had to start early. Basically, we got up, had breakfast and headed out the door Sat morning. We spent 4 hours on the baseball field. We went to our favorite sandwich spot – Mr. Pickles for lunch. I was so worn out when we got home. I fell asleep on the couch for a couple hours. My boys were very nice and let me sleep.
When I got up we went for a walk. Gio rode his bike while Seppe and I walk/jogged behind him. They did really well and made it all 3miles without complaining. It wore them out pretty good too. They fell asleep on their own.
Saturdays are usually my rest days but during this series I will be actively resting and going for walks and doing yoga. I did one of my favorites – Love Your Body with Yoga. I did my plank and called it a night. Even with that long nap, I had no problem falling asleep.
Meals: Not too bad. I didn’t reach my 80oz water goal but I made it to 62oz. I’m really bad about staying hydrated during he boys games because I try to avoid having to go to the bathroom. They usually only have one bathroom open and it’s not that clean :-( Meals not shown M4: tuna salad with veggie chips M5: BBQ and Brussel sprouts. The sandwich I got for lunch was Turkey/avocado with pesto, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles on whole wheat slice. This was smaller than getting it on a roll and easier for me to eat. Ben made eggs for breakfast and I take advantage of any time when I don’t have to cook :-)

May 4, 2014

Sunday is when I do my long runs. I’ve cut back on my distance so I can build muscle. I did 6 miles today. I felt really good the whole way. I was able to keep a sub 8:30min/mile pace :-) It’s really rare I get close to 8:30 during training because I try not go fast and the hills slow me down. I got home, did some squats and stretched. Then, I headed to Gio’s practice. Ben went early with the boys while I did my run. He had to go to work so he left as soon as I got the baseball field.

I did a long stretch while Gio practiced. I helped to keep the boys focused when I was done. His team is very easily distracted when they need to be paying attention. Gio did better with his effort and focus today and I think that has a lot to do with him finally feeling better. Today was the first day he didn’t throw up some thing. His appetite and energy was back. I’m glad because I was starting to get a little worried. Gio is one of those kids who needs to eat more but doesn’t because he is sooo picky.

I got a lot done around the house today. Laundry, both bathrooms cleaned, dishes, and the house tidied up. I did a little meal prep. I’m out of a lot of things so I will need to go grocery shopping tomorrow. I made some quinoa for the week. I will do more meal prep tomorrow. I knocked out the Arms Playlist after the boys went to bed. I used 8lb dumbbells for most of exercises :-) I planned my workouts for the week, prepped my clothes and set my alarm.

Meals –
M1: Cliff Bar
M2: Turkey Jerky
M3: Greek Chk Salad from Panera no dressing and I didn’t have the bread that came with it :-)
M4: Larabar
M5: Pesto Pasta, turkey meatballs and roasted Brussel sprouts

All in all, this first week of the bikini series has gone pretty well. I’m getting back to doing bootycall workouts and having 5 meals a day. I survived not having a ton of chocolate and candy and I’m drinking more water. I was able to meet my plank and yoga goals. I want to continue to work on drinking more water and doing more yoga. I’m ready for week 2 :-)

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