BikiniSeries Day47

June 13, 2014


TIU BikiniBody
TIU BikiniBody2 – 50 reps of the TotalAbMove
1mile warmup
Smith Machine Squats 115lbs 10×3
Chest Press 10×3 25lbs
Front PullDown 10×3 40lbs
Ab Machine 10×3 65lbs
Spring Into Summer Cardio on StairMaster – 4.42miles

2min plank

M1: egg whites/grapes/banana
M2: muffins at kids school party
M3: tilapia/cauliflower mash/broccoli
M4: Luna protein bar
M5: salmon pattie/cabbage/carrots
M6: Frozen Grapes

Busy day. Boys had their end of the year parties in the morning so I didn’t have time to go to the gym at my usual time. Did TIU workouts at home.

Boys had a pool play date at the gym after school so Ben and I took turns working out. I just did a quick workout with a one mile warmup, squats/chest press/front pull downs/ab machine. Did Spring into summer cardio on stairmaster.

Another great day with water :-) Tempted to go get some Taco Bell for dinner but we didn’t.

Sunset Challenge: My go to summer look is usually a bronze or neutral pink eye using the Naked palettes from UrbanDecay. Smoked out eyeliner I either black/purple/brown and a lip stain/balm. I wear tinted moisturizer with sunblock and sometimes I’ll put on blush/Bronzer. I only wear makeup when I have some place to go. Most of the time, I just wear moisturizer with sunblock, TIU lip balm, and sunglasses.

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