BikiniSeries Day48/49

June14, 2014


Did my long run on Saturday since I was going to be in Sacramento for the weekend. After having lunch, the boys and I headed out. It took forever to get to Sac. Traffic was horrible. Had cherries for M4 on the road. Eating while driving helps keep me from getting bored.
I did do the Sunset Challenge and hung out with my girl Malissa for a couple hours. It was great to catch up. I miss her and wish I lived closer so I could help her through the tough time she’s going through.

June 15, 2014
Happy Father’s Day!! A jam packed day.


I was up late finishing up gifts for my dad and Ben’s dad on Saturday so I slept in a little Sunday morning. It wasn’t great sleep. The bed I slept on was so uncomfortable. My back was hurting so I got up. I did The FatBurning treadmill workout on Gene’s elliptical. Seppe hopped on for 10min after me :-) I did the Short and Sweet shoulder routine with resistance bands. Followed it with Bikini yoga.

Took Gene to lunch at Chili’s. Had just enough time to shower, get dressed and prep the gifts for the bday party and my dad before heading out to the bday party. Had one piece of pizza and some ice cream cake. From there, we drove to my dad’s for dinner. It was great spending time with my family. The boys loved their baby cousin and hovered over her the whole night. We went back to Gene’s house to pack up and drive back home. Gio fell asleep as soon as he got into the car, and Seppe fell asleep when we got to the freeway. We made it safely home :-)

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