BikinkSeries Day51 5DSD Day2

June 17, 2014


TIU HIIT the Beach II – 4miles
1mile warmup on treadmill
Spring Into Summer Cardio on Bike – 10.5miles/3 = 3.5 miles
1.38 mile walk
TIU InnerOuter Thighs
TIU DaisyDukes x3
TIU BikiniAbs
2min plank

M1: SlimDown Scramble/banana/PerfectFit Banana Bread
M2: grapefruit
M3: PerfecfFit Green smoothie: spinach, peach, cucumber/almond milk
M4: PerfectFit Bar and Zico
M5: cucumber slices
M6:Grilled tilapia, broccoli and Brussel sprouts.

Started the day with the BeachBabe DVD. Boys being home makes it hard to get into a routine. Even though, I’ve added them to the gym membership, I haven’t taken them yet because Gio’s had a cough the last couple days. It’s been frustrating for me and my workouts are what have saved me.

Gio had a game so I brought snacks. Forgot to bring them along so I jogged back home to get them and walked back to the park getting an extra little workout in :-) The hills plus carrying the lunch box was a good burn on the legs. Ben and I had cucumbers. Dinner was later than usual because the game went long.

Love the new DaisyDukes workout!! Great one for the legs/booty. Forgot my phone when I went to the gym. So tough to do my cardio but it got done.

I didn’t do the Sunset Challenge because even of it had remembered to get postcards to send, I would not have mailed them out in time. I’m so bad about mailing things out. I’ll text my friends on Saturday though :-)

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