BikiniSeries Day52 5DSD Day3

June 18, 2014


TIU Sunrise Routine for bootycall
1mile warmup
Leg Press 6×4 270lbs
Single Leg Curls 10×5
Smith Machine Squats 6×3 135lbs
20min Stairmaster intervals 2.5miles
3hrs volleyball
TIU Bikini Yoga
TIU IttyBitty Bikini x2
BikiniAbs (not pictured)
2min plank

M1: banana/SlimDown scramble/ PerfectFit banana bread
M2: grapefruit
M3: salad w/ herb mix/salmon/dried cranberries/cashews/carrots/avocado
M4: Zico and PerfectFit bar
M5: turkey meatballs and broccoli

I wasn’t all that great at volleyball tonight :-( I went to the gym and did my workout before going to volleyball so I was pretty worn out. Played doubles for the last 40min and got a good sweat on. Really going to work on getting better as a setter this session.

Sunset Challenge: No picnic for me. We took the boys to the gym and took turns working out right before dinner time. We were all pretty worn out when we got home and I had volleyball class to get to. Planning on taking the boys for a picnic in the next couple weeks.

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