BikiniSeries Day53 5DSD Day4

June 19, 2014


45min spin class – 4.5miles
TurboFire Fire45
TIU BikiniBody x3
TIU BikiniBody2
2min plank

M1: banana
M2: SlimDown scramble/grapes/PerfectFit banana bread
M3: Shrimp salad from Rainforest Cafe
M4: Panera black bean soup/ chicken Cobb salad – no dressing.
M5: perfect fit bar

Family fun day in the city today. We went shopping, explored Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, and had a late lunch at Rainforest Cafe. I stuck with a shrimp salad and water. We got back just before Gio had to get ready for his tournament game. We picked up Panera for dinner to take to the game. I had the black bean soup and Cobb salad with no dressing. It was tough to stay away from the snack bar junk, but I stayed strong :-)




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