Day 7: TIU 7 Day Slim Down

I made it to the End!!!! I can hardly believe that I stuck to it. Lord knows that I wanted to just quit and give up so many times. Today was easier, probably because I knew it was the end. Not that I am going to go out tomorrow and pig out, but I do plan on having some of my favorite healthy snacks to enjoy :-)

Today was pretty much the same as yesterday – food and workout wise. I started with my 30 min bootycall walk. I am making it a goal to at least do that every morning from now on.  It just helps wake me up and gives me a boost in the morning to deal with the kids. There wasn’t a workout listed besides a second cardio session so I took Gio out for a run while he rode his bike. 3 miles.

Grapefruit for Meal 1 and a slim down smoothie for Meal 2. I did get some Brown Rice Protein, but like I said in my video, I didn’t like it. Lunch was a Lean Green Salad and Dinner was Chicken and Asparagus.

I plan on continuing with the Nutritional Plan. I will post updates on my progress, and hopefully some recipes and tips for living a Healthy and Fit Lifestyle. Tone It Up is truly the best program for me. I am so grateful to Karena and Katrina for all their hard work. Being part of the Tone It Up team and online community is inspiring. It’s nice to have others who have similar goals and who give you support.

If you haven’t already please check them out:

I am so proud of myself for not quitting. I will post results tomorrow :-)

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