PreRace Thoughts

Tomorrow I run my first 5k!! I’m excited and also nervous. I honestly can say that I never thought I’d be doing a race. I have 2 brothers who are runners and I pale in comparison to them. I resisted running. I don’t really have a reason.

If it weren’t for Karena, Katrina and the whole Tone It Up Team/Community I wouldn’t have even considered running a race. In the last 3 months of joining the team and truly committing to my new Lifestyle, I’ve gained the physical and emotional strength to do a race. Most importantly I have the confidence :-) I am not the fastest and I have no delusions of winning or even placing.

My goal: Complete my first 5K without stopping :-) And have fun!

Since it is a race, I am a little nervous. It’s hard to not have a competitive mind set. I have no idea how many people will be there. I don’t have a running partner so it’ll just be lil ole me. I want to do well but not sure if I’ve trained enough. So many thoughts and worries…. I have to get there early to pick up my race packet. Race starts at 8:15a.

Luckily I will have one supporter there to cheer me on – even if he is not thrilled that he can’t sleep in on a Saturday. Lol.

Got my clothes and gear ready. Music for my phone is all set. Hopefully I can fall asleep so I can get enough rest for tomorrow :-)

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