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My 2012 Recap

Now that 2013 is here,  I wanted to take a look back on 2012.  It was an amazing year! So much happened. I definitely learned a lot about myself this past year. And it went by so fast!

We had a lot of family fun this year:

Camping at Hatcreek – This is a special place for our family and I Love that I can share this wonderful place with my boys. I’m also very grateful that they got to spend time with their great grandpa who has had such a big influence on the person I am today.

Hatcreek 2012

Fishing Trip to Eagle Lake – so proud of the boys for waking up at 3:30 in the morning for three days straight and toughed out 5-6 hours of fishing.  Seppe wound up being the one to catch not one but 2, fish.

Eagle Lake 2012

San Francisco Zoo with our close friends the McCauley’s – the boys had so much fun. It was everyone’s first time to the SF zoo.

SF Zoo 2012

Great America w/ season passes – we enjoyed having the McCauley’s join us and we went back many times until the season ended.

Great America 2012

TBall for the Boys (Seppe’s 1st year, Gio’s 2nd) Seppe was on the Mets and Gio was a Pirate this year.

Seppe's 1st Season of TBall

Seppe’s 1st Season of TBall

Gio's 2nd Season of Tball

Gio’s 2nd Season of Tball

Disneyland and Universal Studios Vacation – 3 days of Disney and 1 day at Universal. Seppe enjoyed every minute of it. Gio was only happy when he was on a ride. He did not like waiting. lol.


Vegas Trip for Benny and Me

Vegas 2012

Berkley Shoe Camp Out (first and last!)

Berkley CampOut

We had a scary moment in March when Ben wound up in the hospital. He came close to dying but we were so fortunate that the doctors were able save him. It really helped put things in perspective for me and made me appreciate just how precious life is.


For my Personal Fitness, I achieved so many goals and went well pass what I thought I was going to when the year started. I learned that I can always push myself harder.

Completed BeachBody Turbo Fire Challenge

Left - Day1 of BB TurboFireRight - Day after the Last Day

Left – Day1 of BB TurboFire
Right – Day after the Last Day

Fist 10K (Gio’s first 1/2 mile race)

Capital City Classic 10K

Capital City Classic 10K

Big Sur 9miler (w/ Aunt and Sister)

Big Sur 9Miler

Big Sur 9Miler

Disneyland Half Marathon (mini vacation w/ Benny) – first half marathon

1st Half Marathon

1st Half Marathon

NWM Half

Second Half Marathon 6weeks later

Second Half Marathon 6weeks later

Thanksgiving Run To Feed the Hungry  (w/ the family) – beat my time from last year :-)

Family Fitness on Thanksgiving

Family Fitness on Thanksgiving

Tone It Up’s Bikini Series and 3 rounds of the 5DSD – followed TIU Nutrition Plan for most of the year (slightly went off track at Christmas)

Progress throughout my 1st year on the ToneItUp Nutrition Plan after BikiniSeries

Progress throughout my 1st year on the ToneItUp Nutrition Plan after BikiniSeries

Started playing volleyball again :-)

Volleyball every Wed from 7-10

Volleyball every Wed from 7-10

I had so much fun in 2012. It’s been the happiest and healthiest so far.   And I can’t wait for More in 2013!

Last Race of 2012

The last race I did for 2012 was the Run to Feed the Hungry 5K on Thanksgiving.  I did it last year with Ben and this year, the boys wanted to do it too. I was hesitant to sign them up for it because I didn’t think that they could make it the whole 3.1 miles – especially Seppe. Ben wasn’t going to do it because he hadn’t trained for it like he did last year but said that he would walk with the boys. So I signed us all up :-) Ben’s dad even joined us on race day.

I did not train too much for the race. I stuck to my regular routine for the most part. I ran 3-4 times a week with one long run. My main goal was to beat last year’s time.  I wasn’t confident that I would because my practice runs weren’t showing much improvement from last year at all.

Clothes and Gear ready.

Clothes and Gear ready.

Dressed and ready to run :-)

Dressed and ready to run :-)

Being away from home made it a challenge to prep.  I got up and got dressed while Ben and the boys were still asleep. My breakfast was a Luna bar and a banana. Once I was ready, I got the boys up and got them ready.  Ben was the last one up, but we still made it to the race an hour before it started.  After picking up our race bibs, we took a family photo in front of the turkeys. Then we went over to the campus cafe that we found last year to stay warm while we waited for the race to start.

Seppe w/ his shirt and bib

Seppe w/ his shirt and bib. Ben putting Gio’s bib on in the background :-)

Family Fitness on Thanksgiving

Family Fitness on Thanksgiving

Race started at 8:45a. I headed to the front while Ben and the boys stayed at the 10min mile marker. It was the same course as last years, but this time the weather was a lot nicer.  I was cold but still wore shorts. Felt great to run in with sun shining bright. I did manage to beat last year’s time :-)

The Finish Line - so many people! Over 27,000!

The Finish Line – so many people! Over 27,000!

Race Results

Race Results

I waited at the finish line for the boys.  Gio ran with his grandpa – half run/half walked and finished just under an hour.  Ben walked with Seppe and finished just a little over an hour. Gio enjoyed the race and couldn’t wait to run again. Seppe didn’t enjoy it as much. He got upset that he couldn’t keep up with his brother and grandpa. We thought that he had sprained his ankle because he was limping after the race. It turns out that he got a blister on his big toe and it wound up getting infected :-(

Gio had fun :-)

Gio had fun :-)

Gio giving Seppe a hug after he finished the race.

Gio giving Seppe a hug after he finished the race.

Seppe trying to be happy.

Seppe trying to be happy.

This year they didn’t have bags for us so we had to carry all the post race goodies in our hands.  The boys were pretty worn out so we headed back home. We showered and got ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family.

I was really glad that we did the race as a family. I am very proud of my boys. I think that with a little training, Gio could do another 5k.  For Seppe, I will have to keep him to the shorter distances so that he doesn’t get too discouraged. Gio and I will be doing this race again next year :-) I know it won’t be too much longer before he will be passing me up.

2011 RunToFeedTheHungry


I meant to post this a couple weeks ago, but as with many things lately, there just seemed to be no time to do everything that I wanted 😐 But I am really going to make an effort to show my blog more love.

I’ve been newly inspired!!! For those who follow me on twitter, Instagram and Facebook, you already know that I was able to get into the Nike Women’s Marathon! It was pretty much the last opportunity that came my way through Nike+. They opened some spots for those who were Nike+ members and I jumped at the opportunity as soon as I saw the tweet! I use the Nike+ App for all my runs and I was thrilled that it was giving me a chance to go for my goal that I set out at the beginning of the year. I can’t even describe how excited I was when my registration went thorough. I had a big smile on face for the rest of the day 😁

I started doing races last year as part of one of Tone It Up’s challenges and I got hooked. I loved the atmosphere and energy. I was super nervous at my first 5K. I had no idea how I was going to do. Scared that I’d get trampled and be laughed at for not being fast. It turned out to be so much fun and everyone was super positive and encouraging. Loved the support from the volunteers and spectators. After the my 2nd 5k, I decided that I would go for a half marathon. I figured that it was a big enough challenge that I could fully commit to.

I picked the NWM. Being in SF was a big factor since I live only 30 minutes away. I heard that it was challenging with the hills but with amazing views. And yes, the Tiffany necklace and cute firemen were also a big incentive 😉lol. After talking to a few people who had done the race before, I learned that it might be hard to get into the race because it is so popular. This worried me and since my big goal was to do a half, I decided to find a back up race to do in case I didn’t get into NWM. I went with the Disneyland Half and decided that if I got lucky in the random drawing for NWM, I would do both. When I didn’t get into the race through the drawing, I focused on getting ready for the Disney Half. I kept my eye on the NWM Facebook page for other chances to get into the NWM. I had just finished recovering from my Disney Half and being sick when I saw the last chance to get into the NWM.

Yes, it is a little intimidating to be doing another half after only 6 weeks after my Disney half. But I am in pretty good shape. If I hadn’t gotten sick right after Disney, I would have been back to running after a week of rest. It’s been a little tough to get back to my running but I’ve been getting out as much as I can. My pace is still pretty good. I am not putting a time goal with the NWM. I just want to finish without stopping. I haven’t had time to do hill training so I know that will slow me down a bit. I’m happy just being able to do the race😊


Make sure you follow me on Twitter – @Mia_Butterfly and on Instagram – MsMammaMia. I’ll be posting pics and hopefully some video come race weekend. I’ll also have my Disneyland Half post coming up along with lots of other posts that I’ve been meaning to put up.

And as promised in my last post – I will be having a giveaway to celebrate my first year with my Tone It Up team. Details coming soon!

Here’s a hint of the goodies I have for you:


The Final Week

BeachBody Day79

Monday started Week 12 of Turbo Fire. The last and final week. It’s actually been 14 weeks since I had to take a couple weeks off while Ben was in the hospital and recovering. I still can’t believe that it’s been so long since I put in that first disc into my DVD player. Time flies when you’re having fun ;-)

Turbo Fire Day 77 – On the schedule it was suppose to be a Rest day. But I decided to do my favorite HIIT workout instead :-) HIIT20 just goes by so quick and gets my heart racing. I went as hard as I could.

I started my day with a 5k run. I woke up before my alarm feeling great after getting a good nights sleep. I haven’t slept well in over a week because I’ve been so congested – especially at night. I took a sudafed last night and I was finally able to breathe!! That made all the difference. My run was better than it normally is for a bootycall. I’m usually half asleep and just trying to get through it. I was able to run at a good pace today :-)

With Ben back to his work schedule, I have the kids by myself more. I followed HIIT20 with part of the BIkini Series challenge for today: Lean Legs Pyramid and 100 tummy tucks. The Tone It Up pyramids are great. Short but intense workouts that always leave me sore the next day :-) I’ve gotten stronger since the last time I did Lean Legs because my calves didn’t cramp up like they use to after the jumping jacks. I would have to walk it out and stretch before I could continue. I was really glad I could move on faster today. Those 100 tummy tucks were no joke!! After 60 it burned so bad. I paused for a few seconds in downward dog after every 10 tucks past 60.

The second part of the challenge was the Drop10 Fat Zapper HIIT. I was hoping to do it tonight but Ben took some over time and came home later than I expected. Plus my congestion came back and I had zero energy to go to the gym. So I will be doing it first thing tomorrow for my bootycall :-)

Ended with a 5min plank- plank, side plank, plank, low plank. I could feel the 100 tummytucks the whole time. Sore abs tomorrow :-)

M1: – FlaxPlus Oatmeal w/ blueberries, banana, unsweetened almond milk and chia seeds. Tried he Bombshell spell today and loved it. Will be trying to have it every day this week :-)

Love the Bombshell Spell from the Tone It Up Beach Babe Edition :-)

M2: half a grapefruit and 4 dark chocolate almonds

M3: Chocolate Shakeology w/ kale, avocado, frozen mango, pineapple juice and unsweetened almnd milk.

M4: tomatoes, cucumber and pop chips w/ chunky olive hummus.

Veggies, hummus, and Pop Chips

M5: Chicken-less orange chicken from TraderJoes with green beans. I didn’t have high hopes for this. The chicken-less chicken strips were not that good. But this was really tasty and I could barely tell that it wasn’t actual chicken :-)

Thought I’d Give this a try for Meatless Monday.

Added some sautéed green beans.

70 oz. water

In Love with Big Sur

BeachBody Day72 – Sunday – Big Sur International Marathon!!

Those that follow me on Twitter and Facebook know that Big Sur went well :-) I had a blast!! The weather was perfect and it was just an absolutely beautiful run. I was so happy to share the experience with my Aunt and Sister. We all did better than we had expected :-)

Our morning started early. My aunt’s 21miler had her up at 3a :-/ We did not envy her. She said that she didn’t sleep for more than a couple hours because she was nervous. And despite that she still beat her training time and came in under 4 hours! Way to go Aunt San!! My sister’s 5K and my 9miler started at the same time. We were up at 5a.  We got dressed and packed up because my aunt had already checked us out when she left for her race. At first I thought her race would start before mine. We were happy to be able to start together. My sister ran her whole 5K – which she hadn’t planned on doing because of her hip – and beat her expected time too. I am so proud of both of them.

I was separated from my sister early on. I tend to get very focused and just run.  Our courses split after a run on a trail by the water. It was just so beautiful. I wish I could have stopped to take pictures and just take it all in, but I had to keep running. It was 50 degrees and overcast when we started. I really couldn’t have asked for better weather. It’s what I’m use to running in. What I wasn’t use to were the hills :-/ I knew that there would be some hills, but I wasn’t expecting it to be hill after hill. lol. Not that they were all big hills, but it there wasn’t all that much flat areas. It would level off and then I was going either up or down again. I could definitely feel my booty getting worked! I didn’t run with music because I wanted to enjoy the course.  There was plenty of entertainment.  There was a Samba band, a flute player, a guy playing the bag pips, a band singing, and people cheering you on all through out the course. It also helped that there was just beautiful scenery throughout the course. The beginning took us through a really nice neighborhood in Carmel. I would love to live in one of those houses. There were several ocean views and the run through the park was wonderful. It felt like I was running through my grandfather’s property.

I had my phone in my belt so I didn’t see what my time or pace was. I had no concept of how time at all. There were only a couple mile markers that I could see.  The 1 mile point and the 25mile marker which marked the last mile for all the courses. I felt like I was running slower because of the hills and that I was getting passed up. When I could feel it in my legs I was hoping that I was getting close to the end.  During training, it was the last couple miles that my legs would start to feel tired and my knees got achy. This time, I could feel my booty and my calves too.  I loved that there were people all throughout the last half mile cheering you on. It was so cute to see the little kids cheering.  They also had cardboard cut outs that were funny.

I could hear the announcer as I got closer to the finish line. I used everything I had left to go faster at the end. I almost couldn’t believe that I was done when I crossed the finish line. It didn’t feel like I had been running for over an hour.  A girl came up to me and handed me a finisher medal and I wound up posing for photo. I was directed towards the tents and told to grab a brown paper bag and go. I took half a blueberry muffin that was offered to me and called my sister to find out where she was. She wasn’t expecting me for a while so she was a little shocked when I called her. We stretched out and went to starbucks for coffee and tea. We had a couple hours before my Aunt was expected to finish her race so we walked around the Finisher’s Village. There were tents for the special groups and sponsors. You couldn’t miss the Michelobe Ultra tent if you tried. lol.

We decided to go to finish line and watch the racers come in. I was very inspired by the marathoners crossing the finish line. Many had big smiles on their faces as they crossed that finish line. I loved how many of the spectators cheered all of the runners on at the end. There was just so much positive energy and excitement. I was impressed by those that did the Boston to Big Sur. I really can’t imagine running one marathon and then running a second one only 13 days later :-/ We were trying to catch our Aunt coming across the finish line. We watched for two hours and then we started to think we must have missed her. My sister got a call from a local number it was my Aunt calling from someone’s phone. She had finished an hour earlier. lol. We met her at the Info booth. Obviously we didn’t have a post race meet up plan set up. We asked a volunteer to take a picture of us then headed out to lunch. I was starving! I decided to have 1 slice of pesto pizza as a treat. Then it was time to drive home. I had to fight falling asleep O_o I was sooo tired all the way home.

Turbo Fire Day 70 – I did not get a chance to rest once I did get home. Ben went to run some errands which meant I had the boys to take care of and it was almost dinner time. I forced myself to do my Turbo Fire workout for the day. I kept it low impact on the fire drills for Fire30 but I gave the workout everything I had left. Stretch10 was great. My sore muscles enjoyed the extended stretch.

I have to Thank my boys for being extremely good that night.  They saw that I was extremely tired and didn’t make things hard for me. They ate their dinner and went to bed without any trouble.  They also gave me Big Hugs to make me feel better :-)

I know that I didn’t have to do a plank for the night, but I told myself that I could do anything for 1min so I did a one minute plank on my elbows :-)

Meals –

M1: Whole Wheat Bagel Thin w/ Almond Butter and a banana. Zico to drink.

Carried a 20 oz. bottle with Zico for my run. Stopped at the last 2 aid stations for water.

M2: Half of a blueberry muffin and Starbucks Iced Green Tea/ Luna bar and Chocolate Zico.

M3: 1 Slice of Pest Pizza from Pizza My Heart and a Chicken Walnut Salad.

Chicken Walnut Salad w/ Balsamic Vinegar Dressing

My slice of pesto pizza :-)

M4: Almond Coconut Kind bar – on the ride home.

M5: Quinoa w/ turkey spinach red sauce.

Love quinoa and red sauce.

60 oz. water and 3 Zicos.

BeachBody Day60 & Day61 – Personal Bests

I was so exhausted from my workouts yesterday that I didn’t have energy to do anything after putting the boys to bed. I’m glad that I took the night off.  I think it really helped me with my run today.

Day60 – Tuesday has become my prep day for my long run on Wednesday.  Decided to do the Surfer Girl workout for my bootycall. What a workout! Legs burned. I probably won’t do this one for a bootycall again because there was some jumping involved.  I live on the top floor of an apartment complex so I have to be quieter early in the morning.

Dropped both boys at school and with Ben at work, I had the whole place to myself :-) I decided to pretty much work out the whole time. lol. Started with a 5k run. I meant to just go at an easy pace but I wound up setting a new personal best for training. I didn’t even feel like I was going all that fast. I’m giving credit to the Drop10 Plateau Buster workout I’ve done :-) I’ve been pushing myself during the HIITs and it’s paying off!

5K run to warmup.

Then it was time for the Bikini Series challenge – the new Under the Sea workout. I was really looking forward to doing it. It really worked my legs out. Did 10 reps each X 3 sets. My favorite move was the crab crunch – even though it was also the toughest one for me to do for some reason. This is perfect for a bootycall workout for me :-) And I’ll probably be doing it a lot during the Bikini Series.

Turbo Fire Day 58 – I still had plenty of time to do my Turbo Fire workout before having to pick Seppe up. I almost decided to put it off for my afternoon workout but it was Fire45 – my favorite so I went for it. It was better that I did it in the morning because I didn’t have to worry about getting interrupted. Fire45 is more like dancing for me than a workout. The music is great and the moves are so much fun.  I also did Stretch10 afterwards. I’m so glad I did because it felt great after all the workouts.  I spent about 2 hours working out in the morning and enjoyed every minute.

I was pretty worn out by the afternoon but I decided to take the whole family out for a walk after dinner.  The boys needed to get rid of some energy and I wanted to get Ben a little more active again.  He’s recovered from his procedure but he’s so hesitant to do any exercise because he’s worried about his stomach. He even did a little jogging while we were out. It was good for all of us.

Following Daddy.

Sunset on our way home.

I spent a good 15-20 min foam rolling my legs – especially my calves which were really tight.  It hurt so good.  There was some really painful parts but it was all worth it.  My legs felt so much better afterwards. Ended with my 2 min plank.

Meals –

M1: FlaxPlus Oatmeal w/ unsweetened almond milk, cocoa almond butter, chia seeds, and extra raisins.

M2: Apple

M3: Shakeology with spinac, Zico, pineapple, avocado, and mango

Love putting spinach in my shakes :-)

M4: Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew Chew Kind Bar

M5: Brown rice, Sweet and sour chicken and broccoli

yummy dinner. stuck to one serving :-)

80 oz. water and 1 Zico.

Day 61 – Turbo Fire Rest Day. I skip bootycall workouts on Wednesdays. Not that I get to sleep in much. I was up at 7a. Still felt really tired. Walked the Gio to school with Seppe and walked back. I had a slightly bigger meal 2 because I wanted to fuel up for my run.  I wouldn’t be able to do it after Gio got out of school because that’s when Ben would be home. I was worried that it would be really hot for me since it would be so much later in the day. Luckily, I live in the a very windy part of the bay area. It made running at 3pm much more comfortable. I saved today’s Bikini Series challenge – doing the Drop10 Engine Revver – for tomorrow.

Hoping to do close to this time at my actual race in Big Sur next Sunday.

My run went much better than last week. Set personal best in my 9 mile training :-) This is the last time I’ll be doing 9 miles before my Big Sur race next weakend. I doubt that I’ll be able to do as well at the actual race. I’ve heard that Big Sur is a pretty demanding course. We’ll see how it goes. I’d just like to finish the race without stopping.

I wanted to do arms and abs but the run took a lot out of me. I think the sun had a little to do with it too.  Even though it was nice and windy, it was also pretty sunny.  I made sure to wear sun block but the sun does take toll on me when I’m out there that long. Going to end with my usual 2min plank. I am going rest so I can kick it into high gear tomorrow.

Meals –

M1: Chobani Champions Chocolate chunk with chia seeds, almond butter, and granola.

M2: Egg whites, brown rice and black beans. I know a weird combo right? lol. I’ve been really loving black beans lately and it just sounded so good that I decided to add it to my brown rice.  It was really good :-)

M3: Left over of my Quinoa, black beans, veggies, and chicken-less mix. I was going to make a wrap but my brown rice wraps were all molded :-(

M4: Luna bar and Chocolate Zico – my absolute favorite post run snack. It’s my treat to myself when I do long runs.

The Best Post Run Snack.

M5: Panko Chicken and cabbage, bell pepper, tomato, and mushroom mix. I wanted broccoli but I’m all out of that too. Time to go grocery shopping and restock my veggies.

60 oz. of water, 2 Zicos, and 1c. of green tea :-) Finally got my green tea in.

Sign up for the Bikini Series at ToneItUp.com

You can also still sign up for Self Magazine’s Drop10 Challenge

BeachBody Day52 & Day53

Combined Day52 and Day53 because they were pretty much the same. Monday was my first day back to my Turbo Fire workouts. Gosh! I really missed doing these.  I picked up where I left off so this was the beginning of week 8 for me. Luckily, this is the recovery week from the month of cardio and perfect to help ease me back into my workouts before starting the last month of HIITs.

Day52 – It was really really hard to get up for my bootycall, but I did it! Having Ben home recovering and the boys home for Spring break had me kind of on vacation mode. lol. I enjoyed sleeping more :-) Even though it isn’t March anymore, I still wanted to finish the Mad Abs Challenge. I had 6 days left to do and I had started back up last week.  I did Day30 with 43 pushups, 55 second side plank, and 58 crunches. I am able to do regular pushups but I take mini breaks in plank. After I reached 40 it really started to get super hard for me. I would be really sore so I decided to do the last few days of the challenge every other day. Does that make sense?? lol. Basically, I take a day off then do the next day :-)

Turbo Fire Day 50 – It’s been a long time since I did Fire45EZ. I almost did the New to Class option but decided that I could figure it out.  I really didn’t remember the routines but I was able to catch on really quickly. This one doesn’t have any Fire drills but it’s still an amazing workout :-) It was so much fun and definitely a favorite now.  I did get a little lost at one point and little out of breath.  I had forgotten how intense these were when you really push yourself.

First run after a week.

I also got back to the Drop10 Challenge from SelfMagazine. I was trying to catch up on the workouts, but the only thing that changes are the cardio workouts. I decided to just do the current workout for me and that was 5K run.  Ben’s schedule is different for this week so I had to do my run later in the day.  I went at an easy pace.  My legs have been really tight because I was out of my Zico and bananas so my potassium intake has been a lot lower.  I swear by Zico.  Ever since I started drinking it – especially after my runs, my calves have not cramped up even after my long runs. And I could feel them quite a bit during and after my run. I’ve been doing PlankADays for the last week.  I ended with a 2 min plank.

Started back up with my PlankADays. 2min on hands.

Meals –

M1 – Chobani Champions Vanilla Chocolate Chunk with chia seeds and almond butter.

M2 – Apple and 5 dark chocolate almonds.

M3 – Egg Salad and Tuna Salad on top of Whole Wheat Bagel Thins w/ spinach. Used plain Chobani greek yogurt to make the salads.  The boys love these salads and I’m so glad that I can make it with greek yogurt instead of mayo.

Lunch for the boys - I had the same thing but on whole wheat bagel thins and minus the cheese sticks. Added tomato slices and spinach on top.

M4 – skipped :-(

M5 – Turkey Meatballs and Grilled Veggies (egg plant and zucchini)

I love these Grilled Eggplant and Zucchini from Trader Joes :-) Very yummy with Turkey Meatballs.

60 oz. of water.

Day 53 – Had to get up a little bit earlier today because Seppe is back in preschool.  Gio is still on break until next week so I knew it was going to be tough getting him up.  I did the Drop10 Toning workout for my bootycall.  I did an extra set and boy does that make a difference.  It gets tougher the third time around :-)

Turbo Fire Day 51 – It was Fire45EZ again today and I had no complaints.  The routines were fresh in my head so I was able to keep up the whole time. I also cranked up the intensity and had a blast the whole time :-) I was suppose to do Stretch10 too but I was running a little late on picking Seppe up so I skipped it.

I was worn out from the Turbo Fire workouts and didn’t feel much like doing an afternoon workout. I kept putting it off. It was rainy and that always makes me just want to stay in bed. I fought the urge to just sit on my butt and headed to the gym for a HIIT workout. I did Drop10 Fat Fryer HIIT on the stationary bike. The intervals were short and it’s easier for me to do it on the bike than on the treadmill.  So thankful to my TIU sister @JulesTones for letting us know about the Seconds Pro app. I now have an interval timer and it worked perfect for my HIIT workout. It was a very short workout only 10 minutes but I was drenched with sweat and could barely feel my butt and legs at the end.  Best of all, I felt great that I did my workout when I didn’t want to :-) Ended with another 2 min plank for PlankADay – this time it was on my elbows.  I will be trying to get back to my 5 minute planks again soon.

Meals – Finally went shopping so I was able to really stay on track today :-)

M1 – Almost forgot to eat breakfast! I was in a rush to get the boys out the door so I grabbed a Luna bar and ate it on the road.

M2 – Shakeology Shake with spinach and frozen pineapple.

M3 – Left over EggSalad on the last of the whole wheat bagel thins w/ spinach and tomatoes and an apple.

M4 – 1/4 c. of raw almonds and yogurt raisins.

M5 – Whole Wheat pasta with a turkey spinach red sauce with peas, squash and zucchini.

Whole Wheat pasta with Turkey and Spinach Red Sauce. Also added squash, zucchini and peas.

60 oz. of water, 1 Zico and 1c of Chamomile Tea.

BeachBody Challenge Day23

Gotta say that today was much better than yesterday :-)  I was very happy Not to hear my alarm at 4a And Yes! I took advantage and slept in.  It felt amazing. When I got up I was ready to have a great day. Since I had slept in, I decided to have something small to eat before going for my run.  I’m usually fine running on an empty stomach but I’ve found that I do better (and feel better) if I have something small when I get up late.

It was a windy and overcast day – typical bay area weather. We took the boys to the park to practice on some of their tball skills.  Seppe definitely needs the extra practice and Gio just needed to use up some energy.  It is definitely challenging with Seppe but the main thing we want is for him to do is Try.  He his easily discouraged and quick to give up. We are trying really hard to help him understand that as long as he tries His best, it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t do it perfectly.  I got a little bit of exercise in running after the balls and throwing back and forth with Gio. It was just nice to have all of us together.

Daddy helping Seppe bat

Gio practicing his hitting

—————————- Turbo Fire Day 21 —————————–

I ran a 5k for my bootycall – beat my last time by 10 seconds. It feels like it is getting harder and harder for me to improve my times. I get excited when it’s even by a few seconds. lol. It was cold at first because of the wind, but I warmed up quickly.

Sunday Runday with my Tone It Up LongSleeve

Today was Fire55 EZ.  This one had fire drills so I’m not really sure what makes it EZ. I went straight to class but I think I should have chose the New to Class option because I was lost quite a few times.  I did do the tuck jumps during the fire drills. Gotta work on getting my knees higher. I tried to do the jump during the high low punches but it threw me off so I just stuck with doing the punches.  The boys interrupted a few times so I had to pause a few times. I tried to do it during the transitions or breaks.

It’s a long class with 3 fire drills so I was pretty worn out at the end. I want to get to bed early tonight because I have to be up early to take Ben to work tomorrow so I ended with a 5 min plank – 1 min on elbows, 1 min on hands (with 30 seconds of tummy tucks), 1 min side plank (with 30 seconds of side crunches) each side, 1 min on hands (30 seconds of each leg being raised off the ground).

Meals –

M1: Mini Luna bar and water

M2: Oatmeal with almond milk and almond butter

Oatmeal I Get from Safeway - need to get more.

MultiGrain Raisin with Almond Milk and Almond Butter

M3: Left over whole wheat pasta with spinach and turkey red sauce. Pasta always tasted even better after a couple days in the fridge :-)

M4: Chocolate Shakeology with almond milk and banana – didn’t spill this time!!

M5: Salmon Burger

Salmon Burger on top of Spinach topped w/ mushrooms, avocado and tomato

BeachBody Challenge Day16

I woke up feeling great. I shook off my rough day and started new. Got up had a Luna bar and made it a Runday with a 5K run. My knees not hurting was great.  I know it probably sounds weird that I am always talking about my knees.  But if you’ve ever had knee problems, you know how great it is to be able to do something you love without having to worry about it hurting. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to do back to back runs soon.

——————————— Turbo Fire Day 14 ———————————–


I was looking forward to doing Fire45 again :-) I skipped the breakdowns and went straight to class. This is definitely my favorite Fire workout.  I could just do the first combo over and over again and I’d be happy. I didn’t do too badly either. I was able to keep up for most of it. I realized that I’m better leading with my right than my left… well it doesn’t take me as long to catch on when starting on my right.  When we switch to left is when I get confused. lol. It all seems a little awkward at first but then I figure it out.

Did a 5 minute for my PlankADay.



M1- Lemon Zest Luna Bar

M2: Egg white burrito.

Egg White Burrito

M3: Fruit Salad with mango, pineapple, kiwi, and apples. Got it from Safeway and shared with my boys.

Tropical Fruit Salad

Seppe Loves Apples

Gio's Favorite - Mango

M4: Apples with vanilla yogurt and granola.  Got this for Gio but he only ate half so I finished it for him :-)

M5: Went shopping before dinner and finally restocked my fridge.  Wanted to make something fairly quick and easy and I found some Turkey Meatball and Frozen Grilled Eggplant and Zucchini at Trader Joes.  I took 4 meatballs and loaded up on the veggies.  The directions had me warm it up in the microwave but I think it would have turned out better if I had put in the oven.  They came out a little soggy but tasted great :-)

From Trader Joes



Turkey Meat Balls - also from Trader Joes

My Plate :-)

Beach Body Challenge Day6

It was really nice sleeping in. I woke up around 8a and just enjoyed Not hearing the sound of my boys fighting. lol. It is amazing how quiet things are without them around. I almost forgot what it’s like.  The beds weren’t too bad at the hotel. It’s hard for me to ever be comfortable in a bed that isn’t mine.  We have a Temperpedic and it is worth every single penny!

Our room didn’t have a fridge – besides the mini bar, so I had a Luna bar for breakfast. Ben had a Cliff bar and he decided that he’d come with me to the gym :-)  After doing a 2min plank (just me), we strapped on our running shoes and walked through the hotel to get to their Cardio room. I went over to the treadmills and he headed for the ellipticals. I love hotel gyms because they have the Best equipment.  These treadmills had a TV, attachments for iPhone, and a fan.  I chose to do a 5K program. Did pretty good and stuck to a 7mph pace.

Morning Plank

Ben finishing up his workout

—————————– Turbo Fire Day 4 ———————————

I decided to do my Turbo Fire workout when I got back from the hotel gym. I wanted to get my workouts out of the way so we could do whatever we needed to for the rest of the day.

Today was Fire 30 and Stretch 10. I still did the New to Class option.  I definitely did better.  This workout is so much fun.

Fire 30 Stretch 10


Meal 2 was skipped. By the time I was done working out and showering, it was time for lunch. We headed to my favorite place: Bahama Breeze. I use to work at one when I lived in Florida and Vegas is the closest place for me to get their amazing food.  I Always go there for lunch when I go to Vegas. Their menu has changed a little since I’ve worked there but their atmosphere and quality is still great. It always brings back happy memories of my good friends and good times I had when I go there.

I decided to try out one of their new salads : Grilled Chicken and Tropical Fruit on Greens.  This was soooooo good! In hindsight I should have asked for the dressing on the side. It was Raspberry Vinaigrette but they had more on there than I would have liked. I am not big on salad dressing and I only ever use a very tiny bit.  The salad was still amazing though.  It had pineapple, grapes, oranges, and strawberries. I ate every last bit :-) I did have one drink: their Pineapple Coconut Martini.  It’s one they’ve added since I’ve worked there and it’s my favorite.  Usually I’d just have them keep them coming, but I stuck with just one and lots of water :-) Ben got his usual Jerk Shrimp appetizer.  I was very proud that he didn’t order an entree too. He’s working on getting use to smaller portions.

Ben with my drink and his

Chicken and Tropical Fruit on Greens

Jerk Shrimp

After lunch we  toured the Las Vegas Tower.  For those that don’t know, Ben is an air traffic controller.  He wanted to see if the Vegas tower was some place he would want to transfer to after SFO. It is very interesting listening to them talk about the differences between the towers.  It looks like that they are already fully staffed so it will be a while before Ben can go there.  They were all very friendly and we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

We headed over to the Cosmo for Ben to talk with a few people. He was very happy to have found a store that was carrying a shoe he really wanted.  The Cosmo is just so hip and fun. lol. I loved the Chandelier hanging from the ceiling and going all the way down. It was just so pretty :-)

Inside the Cosmo - 2nd Floor

We walked across the street to the Miracle Mile Mall. We walked the whole thing :-) Now I remember that we also walked it the day before… our first day in Vegas. lol. I had seen some shoes I wanted the day before. I went back in and got them today. Well, not exactly the ones I wanted.  The shoes I wanted were sold out in my size. They had my size in different style so I went for one that wasn’t as crazy as some of my other choices.

New Kicks - BlowFish

These shoes are super comfy!! I thought that they’d be stiff, but not at all. I took off my boots and wore these around and my feet felt great :-)

Meal 4 was Almond Coconut Kind Bar. We went back to our hotel and relaxed for a little bit.  We were a little worn out so we decided to stay at our hotel for dinner.  We didn’t want to do a fancy restaurant again so we decided to do California Pizza Kitchen.  I ordered a thin crust Spinach Artichoke pizza made with whole wheat flour.  Again, Ben liked it better than his pizza :-) I only had two slices.  I heard about the Kardashian Khaos Store inside the Mirage so we went to check it out after dinner.

I’m not a huge fan of the Kardashians, but I am a Huge fan of Stila Cosmetics.  I was surprised to see that they did an exclusive makeup collection for the Kardashian Khaos store.  There were two sets and I had the hardest time deciding which to get. I really wanted both but I decided to exercise some will power.  I chose the Bronze set since I use more of those colors on a daily basis than the ones inside the Night time set.

Stila Makeup for Kardashian Khaos

We went back to our hotel room and got ready to head over to our friends’ house out in Henderson.  We don’t get to see them much so we wanted to make sure we stopped by for a bit.  We always have a great time with them. Malissa and I will be doing the Disney Half Marathon in September together :-)  We stayed for a couple hours then headed back to the hotel.  Ben had to be up early the next day.